digital overspill in our lives is leaving even those of us with a track record of success feeling confused, stuck and freaked out about where we find ourselves right now

i believe... you are original, unique and deserving of joy, wealth and success on your own terms no matter what has gone before or where you find yourself now in your work and personal life.

i believe... you don’t have to just wait and hope that things will ‘sort themselves out’ in the quest for the life you want.

i believe... with my support, you have what it takes to arrive at the loving self-focus and a step by step plan, to transform your life and leave comparison behind

You may have already taken courses, watched and read lots of self help material, sought the advice of your boss, friends and family about what to do now and next… and yet, you're missing the insight, energy or tools to help you make the changes you want.

You need someone impartial, objective but caring and creative to help switch your fears, regrets and drifting along into confidence, happiness  and action. This is where I come in


THE PROOF is my signature coaching package. Working with me over time will help you sort out the areas of your life that are holding you back, or not working.  I designed THE PROOF life coaching package for you if:

  • You recognise that your past, or the people around you, are holding you back a bit even though they don’t mean to.

  • You feel trapped and stuck and crave focus and clarity to make things happen.

  • You’re fed up with seeing other people living the life you want.

  • You need and want to be held accountable for what you are doing so that YOU and YOUR DREAM don’t slide off your ‘to-do’ list again. 

  • You're comparing yourself to what you see around you and social media and feel like you’ve fallen behind or are not in alignment with your purpose.

  • You need more of something – quality time, money, freedom, fun, creativity, control, motivation, love, care, travel, confidence, peace…

  • You’re worried that if you don’t take action now you’ll wake up one day and have regrets that will be hard to live with.

  • Your life is good but it could be great


the promise:


Designed in three parts, my specialist, proven coaching program will take you on a journey to cure comparison once and for all so that you can live a limitless, abundant life to the benefit of yourself and those most important to you.

Phase 3: Confidence

  • Thriving in the life you have, in alignment with, and moving towards the life you want to live                   

Phase 4: Completion

  • Establishing your comparison free mindsets and your go-to repeatable practices to continue with unstoppable momentum

Phase 1: Clarity

  • Understanding your comparison triggers and the powerful insights these hold for you and your personal plan for success

Phase 2: Connection

  • Living consistently from a place of sharp self-focus and stepping towards your future self in the most authentic way possible

how the program is organised

  • 6 x structured, private coaching sessions (Skype or face to face)
  • Four  interim calls
    • To keep you on track and focussed on the changes you want to make.
    • These are each geared up to keep your motivation high but, crucially, to ensure you can deliver the actions you need.  So, we keep our eyes on your targets to navigate any mishaps or barriers that may stand in your way.
  • Interim access via unlimited email support from me. Not every coach does this but I know what it’s like to need help to stay on track so you can achieve game changing results.
  • A FREE follow on session for you to take up following our conclusion


A one off payment of £2200 via BACS or PayPal. Payment plans available by arrangement.


"I could be here all day if I noted all the results I feel I have achieved in the past 6 months of working with Lucy, but here are some of the main ones - better relationship with my partner and confidence and insight into area’s I didn’t have previous experience... Lucy always cheers me up, getting me back to a positive and focused mindset - I have benefited not only on a professional level but on a spiritual level from working with Lucy." Kirstie Gibbs, UK

"I am calmer, I feel more positive, more self assured and I find meaning in so much more of life. These things are the foundation I needed to have the confidence to move forward in other areas of my life. Plus I discovered I'm an empath! I would recommend you to all because of your genuine desire help other people." Bec Stanford, UK

"I loved working with Lucy and the attitude she has definitely brought out the best in me. It's enabled me to move on from a job that I wasn't happy in, into a job that's so far been the best job I've had. I'm so much happier after meeting Lucy and using her as a coach, it's great having a cheerleader...From working with Lucy I've also benefitted from an attitude change, believing in myself more and using this positivity to drive my life forward." Sam Berry, UK

"Life coaching is an investment in your happiness. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain. Be prepared to be honest with yourself and Lucy, put in the effort with the research and homework and you cannot fail to get wonderful results... I was feeling quite deflated and flat trying to figure out where I wanted to live and what I wanted to do. Our sessions helped me focus on all areas of my life good and not so good and allowed me get a clear plan in place." Hanna Trundley, UK

"What Lucy does is so original, I knew I wanted this... Prepare yourself to embrace a new you. I love Lucy’s big smiles and endless flow of empathy, wisdom and positivity. I love how I feel when I am in her presence: empowered and lifted up." Charlotte Wang, UK  

"Working with Lucy was a life changing experience for me. Not only did she allow me to believe in myself as an individual but also encouraged me with my business and creative ideas.  When I spoke to Lucy there was something different about her - her USP was she was genuine, caring and didn’t offer you unrealistic expectations we were very much on the same page.... if you want someone who will be a motivated, patient, fun and an enthusiastic mentor and coach. Lucy is definitely your gal. Not only does she know her stuff she is living her career on her terms and you can too." Soma Ghosh, UK

"Don’t expect a rhetorical questioning coach! Lucy is warm and open but equally clear in her views, you get a straight answer if you ask a question, there is no beating around the bush, which great, especially when you are busy and want to get cracking. It has been an absolute joy working with Lucy, I feel very blessed to have her side by side with me on my business adventure and along the way I am making a great friend." Kirstie Gibbs, UK

"Lucy is very warm, friendly and charming. She makes you feel like you can tell her anything, and she has a knack for subtly guiding your thoughts in the right direction until there is an 'ah ha!' moment of discovery, which Lucy had known you would find all along. Lucy is a like a cool, young sage." Rachel F, UK

"I had hesitations about life coaching in general. I had heard some lovely things about Luce but I wasn't sure what I would easily share that could possibly help. I didn't know what I could get out of it and was nervous to start 'digging around'... 

As the sessions went on, I noticed her amazing positivity and honesty. It was a breath of fresh air. I felt I could completely trust her and trust that she was helping to point me in the right direction. There were no wrong answers with Lucy. She always wanted to work with whatever it was you had thought up or said. I never felt like time was an issue or that she was counting the seconds down to the end of our session. I was given time to think and to speak.

Her work ethic is phenomenal. She always did her "homework", as I tried to do mine, sent me useful links, messages etc. She never just left me, this really helped. I could email her anytime." Jess M, UK