you are ready for more. you deserve more. it is time for more.

i believe... 

  • you are original, unique and deserving of joy, wealth and success on your own terms no matter what has gone before or where you find yourself now in your work and personal life.

  • you do not have to wait and hope that things will ‘sort themselves out’ in the quest for the life you want.

  • with my support, you have what it takes to arrive at the loving self-focus and step by step plan, to transform your life and leave comparison behind


You may have already taken courses, watched and read lots of self help material, sought the advice of your boss, friends and family about what to do now and next… and yet, you're missing the insight, energy or tools to help you make the changes you want. You need someone impartial, objective but caring and creative to help switch your fears, regrets and drifting into confidence, happiness  and action.


This is where I come in. My signature comparison coaching pROGRAM is for you if...

  • You recognise that your past or the influence of the people around you, are holding you back and it is time for you to be heard and create and keep excellent boundaries
  • You are fed up of being held back - by both previous experiences and beliefs - and you want to dissolve these so you can access clarity, happiness, focus and forward motion

  • Want to activate abundance and fulfilment in both your emotional and everyday life across your relationships, work, bank account, body and more

  • You want to feel deeply connected and aligned with your own life and on course to realise your dreams and ambitions

  • You're comparing yourself to what you see around you and on social media and feel like you’ve fallen behind or are not in alignment with your purpose
  • You know it is time for you to grow and you are open to self enquiry and a deeper understanding of yourself and your life to help support this

  • You are ready to show up fully when it comes to the time, commitment and investment in the transformation you desire. I will bring my whole self to our time together and my expectation is you do the same

  • You are open to trying alternative ways of thinking, doing and being to access your inner power, resources and wisdom