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To celebrate the launch of my new life coaching packages I'm sharing a special offer with you guys -

The 'Shot in the Arm' session for just £100! 

(usual price £150)

Are you over-thinking or in a state of 'analysis paralysis'? Feeling like you’re wasting time and tripping over the same ol' topic again and again?  Then, this one's for you Boo!

Enquire and claim your offer now by bobbing your details in here using code: 'CLEARNOW'

Sometimes we kind of know what to do but indecision means we get tired, feel lazy and put things off.

The root of the matter is you really need to get clear and confident about action.  Well, good news Champ because through 'A Shot in the Arm' I'll help you suss out and explore your options without bias or judgment.

Claim your special discount now using code 'CLEARNOW'

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

You’ve been chewing over a specific question or thing for a little while now.  You may have done a lot of thinking about it but you’re ultimately going around in circles on topics that may be include:

  • Should I sign up for that course?
  • Is this job right for me?
  • I need a confidence boost and to pep up my self esteem
  • How do I handle my friend who’s let me down?
  • What shall I put on my CV?
  • How do I get ahead at work?
  • How do I start to write the book I want to?
  • Is it time to move out or move on?

These sorts of life topics are often not a ‘black or white’ area or ‘yes/no’ decision... 

As a result you may be in a state of over-thinking or 'analysis paralysis' and feeling like you’re wasting time and tripping up on the same ol' topic again and again.

The Shot in the Arm will get you an answer, a next step and a zing of energy and motivation to follow through. Good times!

Claim your special discount now using code 'CLEARNOW'!

The Shot in The Arm is for you if:

  • You have one topic or question in mind that you'd like to focus on
  • You recognise you need a quick blast of insight to shake things up
  • You are open to stretching out of your comfort zone making some changes and taking action for yourself
  • You want a motivation, confidence and energy-zing-top-up to see you through
  • You are willing to do the home work pre and following the session
  • You’re open to feedback and impartial observations that will bring a new perspective to your situation
  • You’re interested in life coaching and want positive results but prefer not to sign up for a number of sessions just yet

The Shot in the arm is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not willing to do the pre-work or home-work that supports the session
  • You aren’t going to ‘show up’ fully - mentally and physically
  • You have loads of questions you need answered and areas of life you need to focus on. (I have these life coaching experiences for you if this is the case.  Check out The Unstuck Experience and The Game Changer)
  • You’re closed to making changes and will not try different ways of doing and thinking

How it works

The Shot in the Arm is delivered via a seventy five minute Skype or FaceTime call with just you and me.  It’s geared up to deliver some answers on a single topic of your choice. Enquire or book yours now.

It also has the added comfort and convenience that you can have the call anywhere, anytime, whether that’s on a work trip abroad or perhaps nice and spaced out at your kitchen table with a glass of something cold on a Saturday night.

Claim your special discount now using code 'CLEARNOW'!

"Why isn’t the session an hour long?" I hear you ask...

 Well, I’ve tested that and the extra minutes makes ALL the difference when it comes to the potential and quality of our time together, ensuring you leave with what you need to get from the coaching session.

  • You won’t be coming to the session ‘cold’.  You’ll complete some pre-work that you’ll need to bring along to our session that gives us a jogging start to the coaching and ensures you get maximum value from our time together. 
  • In our time together we’ll map the current situation specific to you, get laser clear on what you want and the options available to get there.  As part of this we’ll use my specifically designed Proof Coaching work sheets to capture your plan so you won’t leave and forget the answers you’ll generate.
  • To follow your 'shot', I’ll check in with you via email or text within a week to keep you clear and accountable to yourself and what you need to do - so I won’t leave you hanging baby!
  • You'll also receive a specifically created ‘from here to there’ goal sheet which I will design for you.  This is a killer visual created to keep you present, aware and motivated to accomplish what you set out to. It’s a one-pager-all-killer-no-filler summary of where you got to with your ‘shot in the arm’. Oh and it looks hot as hell too!

Enquire or book yours now

Special offer price:

It's a one off payment of £100 (regular price £150) 

Hmm, positive life impact for the cost of a night out? Yes, you’re welcome.

Next steps:

Contact me about the topic you have in mind to be life coached on.  Or you can simply book in your Shot in the Arm session via my client contact form and in that message let me know a list of times and dates that work for you.

Once that’s confirmed I’ll send you our coaching agreement, payment details and pre-work and we’re all set to give you your Shot in the Arm.

Any questions?

No problemo – I’m here for you’re popsy.  Let me know your query and I’ll be right back to you!