"One of the UK's most successful coaches" - The Times

Hi I’m Lucy Sheridan, Hay House author and the first and only Comparison Coach. I help people all over the world go from compare and despair to #comparisonfree in their life and business through my unique, specialist coaching experiences and events.

The one thing that unites my clients is, whether they are a pop star or a pub owner, they share a desire to live on their own terms, pursuing their version and vision of happiness as audaciously as possible.

I help them make that happen and I can do the same for you. 


Pleased to meet you!

MY EXTENDED #comparisonfree BIO

Distiller of dreams.

Your idea. Your plan. Your dream. I join up these soulfully and skillfully, connecting you to the GPS of your inner wisdom.

Walker of talks.

Six years ago I was burnt out and breaking down, crying in the toilets at the job I had come to loathe. We were losing our house for good measure and emotionally and physically I was a heap on the floor. Fast forward to today and I truly live the life of my dreams. It is not all champagne and pedicures but I can say with my hand on my heart that my life rises up to meet me in all ways and I could not be happier.

Dreamed it. Real lifed it.

Negroni drinking, dirty laughing, soul sister and Mother Wolf.

What else is there to say?




Proven innovator.

When my industry couldn’t offer me the event experience I wanted and needed, I created it and put it on instead (securing event sponsorship from global brand lululemon to partner with.) Two days later the invitation to our book deal happened. I am here to help you make a big impact and finding ‘ways through’ for you and your life comes as second nature for me.

Transferable best practice AKA 'THIS SHIT WORKS'

My methods, ethos and approach work across different industries and experience - I scale and flex for you and your big goal. Five years into growth and need to get investment to sell overseas? No problem. Thinking about starting a business and yet struggling with overwhelm and taking action from your kitchen table? Let’s talk.

Punk Spirit.

I am a champion for the alternative, the challenger, the underdog, the soulful, regardless of your experience or size. I am all about creating cult brands. Lean on my confidence in you to get you through the wobbles safe in the knowledge what you are building with me is truly incomparable and will ooze with the cool appeal others could only dream of.