• What?: A 2 hour lecture style workshop where you will learn the foundations to feeling enough, my keys to solid self esteem and the tools to practice (that work) so you can rise up to meet your life with confidence

  • When?: 7.15pm - 9.15pm (UK Time), Thursday 21st June

  • Where?: Online via a unique weblink (the comfort of your home!)

  • Can't join live? No problem – order a ticket and you will receive a recording of the workshop to watch and complete at your convenience

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“We teach people how to treat us”

I am so excited to confirm my second #comparisonfree classroom will be on a topic so close to my heart that it is basically INSIDE my heart. I will be taking you beyond self-love and self-care to the thing that underpins and IMHO preludes it all: SELF WORTH.

I see it every day in my private coaching practice...

Comparison corrodes our self worth over time and when it partners with our inner critic too, then it can beat us down and make it really difficult to get up. It’s time to take our power back and turn on the fire hose of good feels from within so we can start to feel strong and sure of ourselves again.

Something I am crystal clear on is, ultimately, your opinion of yourself will shape your life and it determines your everyday experience - love, work, creativity, parenting, study, social media likes - you name it. Self worth is about so much more than the things you do but instead who you are, how you value yourself, perceive yourself, talk about and treat yourself. When you improve it and master it, life becomes magic.

So onto the goods you’re getting! In this lecture style workshop on Self Worth & Inner Strength I will be teaching how you can:

  • Learn the keys to good boundaries and saying ‘no’ - say ‘goodbye’ to pushy bosses or demanding family members!

  • Grow your confidence and feel solid in your decisions and next steps

  • Turn theory to practice with the tailored worksheets and journal prompts you will receive for free with your ticket

  • Have the learnings in your pocket forever as you will receive the recording from our live event to revisit as often as you wish

  • Accept and understand where you are at with your current self esteem without blame or judgement

  • Find meaning and feel enough in your life

  • Untangle yourself from comparison

  • Move away from placing your worth on only outside labels and measures of success (stuff, people you know, qualifications, job titles, status updates, social media followers etc)




The best project you will ever work on is yourself.

Here are some Q’s:

  • Why is it that woman you know never gets messed around by her lover and she always gets a text back?

  • What about your business peer that charges three times what you do without blinking

  • Then there is that friend that seems to be able to open doors for himself and just ask for what he wants (and gets it)

  • That seemingly unflappable mum friend that just doesn’t get stressed

  • There is also that pal that has an innate confidence and isn’t afraid to say ‘no’, ever.

  • Now think about that person at work that always gets picked for the best projects and seems to get promoted so easily

The A: Each of these people has a firm sense of self worth. They accept and respect themselves. They know they are enough. They believe in themselves and life responds accordingly to them.

A happy life with a confident outlook do not have to be things that just happen for 'other people'. It can happen for YOU too. YOU can be 'those people'.

You might have really lost your confidence years ago and you are desperate to get it back or perhaps it is a case of not feeling enough or worthy in certain areas of your life. Maybe you read my feature on Self Worth in Psychologies magazine and have simply been curious to know more ever since.

Grab your ticket now and join me...In this workshop I will help you understand how to unpick and dissolve the habits that are keeping you feeling small and not enough, and share the steps to take to increase your self worth and grow your inner strength:- To get your ‘you’ back!


My clients that have worked with me to learn these techniques for themselves...

  • Have started putting up their hands again at work and/or school because they now know and believe their thoughts and opinions matter

  • Have reached clarity about life and trust their decisions

  • Start and follow through on their ideas rather than just thinking about them

  • Handed in their notice and have started their own business

  • No longer consult a panel of people when making a decision

  • Now believe they are worthy of a loving, happy relationship

  • Quieted the mind chatter and ‘not good enough’ voices that have been so debilitating

  • Established and enjoy clear boundaries with overbearing bosses and pushy family members

  • Started to find the fun in social media again

  • Learned to take a compliment and no longer want the world to swallow them when somebody says something nice!

Sound good? Then you must join me for class! <Get your ticket here>

In this 2 hour lecture style workshop I will be teaching you how to grow your own self worth and inner strength and get crystal clear on what you want in your life, starting TODAY so that you can build up and really bloom in your own way, wherever you are at.

There is no magic pill, hidden switch or overnight remedy but there ARE practices, tools and mindsets that we can be open to now that will make all the difference and continue to work for you even if you are busy and even if you feel like there is no hope for you. That’s what I’m on about.


Psychologies  feature quote

In our time together I will share my own experiences of self worth - the highs and the lows - you are NOT alone.

Then I will get straight to it and guide you through key themes and teachings for you to take away and use that will:

  • Uncover what it means to feel ‘enough’ for you?

  • Clarify what influences our self worth and the effects of these on our lives (including the role of comparison)

  • Help you stop feeling like other people are better than you or more successful or loved

  • Help you connect deeply with yourself and awaken your lion heart and pop the cork on the confidence supply that is bottled up within you

  • Provide easy changes to make to feel better now

  • Expand what you believe is possible for you

Also, via my honed, tried and tested exercises, I’ll be guiding you to apply these insights to yourself and your life so you can, without blame or judgement, recognise where you can create your own shifts and take action so that you can always feel ‘enough’.

Usually reserved for my 1:1 private clients these insights and tools are ready for you to activate immediately and will bring a new layer of deep understanding when it comes to what makes you tick, so no matter your story, you have the inner strength and awareness to take the steps to flourish.

“client praise from other workshop… 3 cols…

  • I have learnt the question is not ‘what’s possible?’ but am I willing for this to be possible for me?

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Meet your teacher – Can we include another video?

<Let’s get you back on track now. Join me for my self worth and inner strength master class. Get your ticket here>

Some other useful things to know…

  • There is no age limit - whether you are at school and struggling with self confidence or you are a retiree that is struggling with comparing yourself, you will gain a wealth of understanding to apply to your life. Under 18s please get permission to attend.
  • A workshop for all - however you identify when it comes to gender, sexuality,  background or body type you are welcome and you will find the content of this class both helpful and deeply nourishing.
  • It’s time for you to do you! - I don’t promise you a quick fix but I do guarantee if you apply my teachings you will create shifts in your life that allow you to live bolder and brighter with more self belief and motivation, or your money back. No seriously, I will give you your money back.
  • Join me from the comfort of your favourite chair for inspiration, insight and live coaching as I open my tool box, sharing my unique methods and proven practices, for the first time outside my private coaching practice.
  • As part of your ticket price you will receive attendance to the live workshop, a mind blowingly awesome self focus meditation and worksheets for you to use and return to, as often as you like, to support your growth and transformation.

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