• What?: A 2 hour online lecture style workshop designed to help you learn to accept and love your body, and stop comparing yourself to others.

  • When?: 7.30pm - 9.30pm (UK Time), Wednesday 17th April 2019.

  • Where?: Online via a unique weblink (so you can take part or watch from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world!)

  • Can't join live? Or time zone makes it tricky? No problem - you will receive a recording of the workshop to catch up.

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  • Have you had enough of comparing your body to other people’s?

  • Do you find yourself caught in a barrage of self-judgement and negative mind chatter, over-analyzing your shape?

  • Do you long to accept the body you’re in right now and really love who you are?

  • Do you repeatedly say “I’m fat, I hate my thighs, why don’t I have what they have?”

  • Are you bored of feeling stuck and frustrated?

  • Are you sick of wasting your precious energy on hating your body?

  • Do you shun off people’s compliments and reply with negativity?

  • Are you ready to take the first steps to ultimate self-acceptance and body love?

  • Do you want to ensure your children don’t get caught up in the same patterns and write a new chapter in your family history? One of body acceptance and freedom.


“Comparison is an act of violence against the self.”

- Iyanla Vanzant -


Via our specially-designed-for-you-content and exercises, we will be guiding you to apply insights to yourself and your life so you can, without blame or judgement, start to dissolve your body comparison tendencies and replace these with gentleness, positivity, self-love and self acceptance.

In this first of its kind workshop, you will gain a deep understanding of how you can shift your mindset and your relationship with your body, so you can overcome the blocks to your self-confidence and loving yourself. Specifically:

  • Begin to turn theory into practice with tailored worksheets and journal prompts you will receive as part of this special experience.

  • Increase your self-awareness in a safe and supportive way - we are not about self-bashing or shame. This is all about you taking responsibility for your growth in the most loving way so you can let go of what does not serve you.

  • Have the opportunity to gain unique insight by asking your questions during our live Q&A.

  • Receive the recording of our classroom after our event for you to turn back to whenever needed.

  • Gain an understanding of the blocks to self-acceptance with your body.

  • Start the process of seeing your body for what it truly is - your greatest asset!

  • Recognise those factors that make you feel uncomfortable about your body, and how to deal with these mental triggers moving forward to keep negativity at bay.

  • Learn effective techniques you can use now to start dissolving body comparison and achieve more self-focus, self-esteem, and self-worth.

  • Learn how to free yourself from negative social media practices that could derail your progress.

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Coined by Glamour magazine as one of “the most fabulous men in the industry” Jules knows a thing or two about owning it.

Co founder and Creative Director of global self tanning brand Isle of Paradise, Jules has worked for over 10 years in the beauty industry as the Global Spray Tanning Expert - to put it bluntly, Jules has been paid to look at naked bodies - both famous and non-famous. Bringing his experience of working with celebrities from all walks of life, backstage on photo shoots with bodies of all shapes and sizes (hearing every body hang-up excuse going) Jules is now on a mission to change how we see our bodies. Contributor to Red and Harpers Bazaar magazines, co-host of body confidence and happiness podcast Wobble and co-founder of body confidence and movement workshops Forme LDN - you’re in safe, squidgy and happy hands. Instagram: @julesvonhep

And you know me, hun!

I’m Lucy Sheridan, the World’s first and only Comparison Coach and I specialise in helping people build their self-focus, self-confidence and self-worth so they can thrive personally and/or in their business. I’m an MTV approved coach, signed to Gleam Titles and noted as one of the UK’s most successful coaches by The Times, I’m on a mission to cure comparison.

When I’m not coaching or speaking I’m in my wellies on a country lane, on the way to the pub, talking to the cows as I go, in maximum chill out mode, living the life I thought I would have to wait until my fifties to live, doing it now.

Your event login details will be sent to you in the coming days :-)

Some other useful things to note…

  • This online workshop is designed to help provide you with general guidance in life to aid in the minimising of potential day to day body confidence triggers. Please note that if the area of body comparison is a significant cause of anxiety or if you you have suffered or are suffering from any associated mental health issue concerning how you view your body, we always recommend that you seek professional support. This workshop is for information purposes only.

  • Once you have purchased your ticket(s) you will receive an email receipt and in the coming days we will share with you the login information so you can access this exciting online event!

  • A workshop for all - however you identify when it comes to gender, sexuality, background or body you are welcome and we hope you will find the content of this class both helpful and deeply nourishing.

  • Join us from the comfort of your favourite chair for inspiration, insight and live coaching as we open the tool box, sharing  unique methods and proven practices

Feedback from PREVIOUS online CLASSROOMS...

“I cannot believe how much I got from the online session - even now - weeks later it is helping me so, so much. I can’t wait until the next one!” - ST, Canada

"I've just watched the session on replay and wanted to say thank you - the exercises were so helpful and perfect for where I'm at right now, and have left me feeling super energised and inspired." - MB, Brussels

 "I wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for the Comparison Free Classroom. I’m so glad I made the commitment to shutting myself away for the evening and joining in live because it was a fantastic couple of hours. I loved everything that you shared, and definitely had a couple of Aha moments, made notes that I’m still going back through, and set some trains of thought in motion that are still percolating and bringing up stuff for me to work through." - LL, UK