When comparison starts to take hold in your work life you might…

  • Spend time on other people’s websites looking at what they are doing, saying and promoting (...convincing yourself it is ‘research’)

  • Feel pangs of jealousy when you scroll social media seeing what other people are posting about their business

  • Be at your wits’ end because you don’t know how to stand out, be seen or heard in your market

  • Struggle to be happy for your peers as they create wealth and awareness for themselves as you feel you are falling behind and inferior

  • Be convinced life would be easier if you looked like 'they' did, spoke like 'they' did and were generally more like someone else other than you

If these feelings or scenarios are only too familiar to you then I am speaking directly to you.

My brand mentoring combines coaching best practice, my ten years working in brand strategy with a soulful, aligned approach to empower you and your business to thrive no matter your offering.