When you are trying to get an idea, blog or business off the ground, behind the scenes of every perfectly curated social media post is A LOT of hard work. And as a brand mentor, a big part of my role is helping my clients create clarity and build momentum relating to their goals and aspirations for their thing. I'm ambitious and driven with big dreams of my own, which is why, when a client comes to me with a BIG goal or dream I can nod, smile and say 'let's get started!'

Creative sparks flew when I met Kirstie. I started working on The Alkemistry as her brand mentor in June last year and I knew from the first time I met her that she was onto something with her jewellery concept that was in its early stages of development. Together we drew up some HUGE plans and a vision for her brand and business, aligned with her and her passion, but also super strategic and output led.

Fast forward to today and she is celebrating that her brand has been handpicked for a pop up store in HARVEY NICHOL'S. Yes, *THE* HARVEY NICHOLS as in Knightsbridge, London. No small Etsy store for this one - she goes big or goes home!

Congratulations Kirstie - it has been my honour to be your brand mentor and share in your journey, cheer you at every turn and support you and your dreams that are coming true!

Here's what Kirstie had to say about brand mentoring with me:

"Don’t expect a rhetorical questioning coach! Lucy is warm and open but equally clear in her views, you get a straight answer if you ask a question, there is no beating around the bush, which is great especially when you are busy and want to get cracking.
It is an absolute joy working with Lucy, I feel very blessed to have her side by side with me on my business adventure and along the way I am making a great friend."


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