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Let's create a 'Power of Proofies'!








A lovely lady emailed me late on Thursday night saying she’d like to work with me and because her finances were a bit stretched (er hello January I feel you) she asked if I had any live workshops coming up outside London or Brighton as a next best option.

I was about to reply with a “thank you but I’m afraid not right now”* when I paused…

I thought back to before I started Proof and was doing my coaching on the side as my hobby and still working my full time brand strat job - I used to do group life coaching meet ups in my hometown of Leeds at the weekends.

How it worked was, I’d arrange to turn up at someone’s house, they’d gather a gang of buddies – around 8-10 people being a perfectly sized group - and from there I’d open up my life coaching tool box and off we would go.

I wasn't usually as bossy as Lorde but I have my moments ;-P

I wasn't usually as bossy as Lorde but I have my moments ;-P

I’d lead specific exercises for the group to work through individually, tea and cake would flow and everyone would leave feeling pumped up and focused with a personal plan for their own goals.  The session would typically last 2-3 hours and as word of mouth spread I really enjoyed taking that gig further afield round the country and I found myself in Edinburgh, Manchester, Coventry, Nottingham, London and so on, in my quest to light up lives in living rooms. I used to L O V E it!

Thursday night’s enquiry email got me thinking – why not start doing group coaching hangouts again?

It was easy to arrange, it was great fun, I got to follow up with each person, it was interactive and impactful and importantly, the cake game was strong!

Coming out of the reflective thought my whole body just felt “YES MAA’AM!” So I replied back to the lady with “thank you, I’m afraid not right now BUT how about this?” and suggested a group coaching meet up in Yorkshire, where she’s based.

And I want to extend the same invitation to you!

I’m putting it ‘out there’ that if you fancy getting together with me and few of your buddies to do some life coaching in an intimate setting, because it’s your preference or you’re just not quite ready for one on one coaching just yet simply contact me here or use the form below and let’s explore how we can set it up.

Love Lucy xxx

 *This is the only event I’m personally putting on this year but I’m afraid I’m not allowed to say more than that apart from it’s a good idea to sign up for notifications as the scene will not have seen ANYTHING like this before.

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