Step  6: Making magic offline

People’s online personas can get on our nerves – when you REALLY know someone it’s obvious when they’re hamming up or staging something for effect on social media.

The thing is, this doesn’t always get brushed off as being silly – it can really damage our relationships with our friends, family and lovers that we feel are not being truthful.

We’re all in our own little fame bubble and our newsfeeds drip and drop the inane as well as significant news and happening of our lives through our networks.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions and fill in the gaps or assume you’re 'in the know' with what’s actually happening in the lives of those you love, and yet, this is rarely the case.

In truth someone might really need you – or you really need them to reach out and reconnect and ask ‘how are you?’ and be there to hear the answer.

In this digital world it’s never been more necessary to talk and show our love and care outside of likes, comments and double taps.

Action: Reconnect your relationships

  • Reach out to five people you know and love and arrange to see them in person or over a ‘Skype date’ in the coming week – or as soon as you humanly can.
  • Be specific about why you’ re getting in touch and use it as a chance to make them feel good e.g. “I can’t stop thinking about the laughs we shared at that party – we said we shouldn’t leave it so long so let’s not!” or “I really miss you and could use your advice about something. Your friendship really means the world to me and I don’t tell you enough.”

For extra credit let’s add another level to this final step to #comparisonfree with accountability

You’ve made an amazing start in moving from compare & despair to self focus so let’s juts celebrate via a mini dance break!!

But to stay in a mindset that can nurture and support your creation of success on your own terms it’s necessary to keep going!!

On a day-to-day basis this means keeping up with your House Party rule of content on your feed, remembering the filter factor and making an effort OFF line.

On a big picture level it’s key to keep YOUR version of YOUR dream on the table and keep working towards it. Staying accountable and confident that you’re on your own path, not swaying to the ambitions of others, will bring your own goals into reality and make you robust when faced with other people’s news and updates. As a final commitment to live #comparisonfree...

Get an accountability buddy: Forward this self-focus challenge onto a buddy that you know has suffered from comparison-itis now or in the past and share your goals and timings with each other to commit so supporting each other outside of social media!

  • Arrange Skpe dates or even Whatsapp check ins at timed, agreed intervals to share your successes and challenges
  • Set alarms on your iphones so that you’re reminded of when it’s time to report in
  • Declare it on social media and tag me under your post or Picture so that I can be your accountability buddy