Step 4:  Wake up to, and conquer, the filter factor

It’s important to keep that momentum going and also not slip into the old way of thinking where you feel disconnected and fixated on anything but YOU.

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This is where Kim Kardashian comes into things… the next key action to get you to self-focus is to Fight back against the filter factor!

Being aware and mindful of the filter factor when it comes to your social media feeds is absolutely crucial.

The danger with that filter factor is our feeds are as photoshopped and as cultivated as Kim Kardashian’s bum and yet we’re taking that content literally and jumping to assumptions about how successful we are.

We’ll all have our own examples of the filter factor which show up on our feeds and create the following impressions that everyone else is: 

•          Having loads of amazing sex

•          Building businesses overnight

•          Living more spiritually than Gabby B

•          Raising beautiful, perfectly behaved vegan children

•          Moving into a home from MTV Cribs (Google it kidz)

•          Eating only the most delicious food in exclusive VIP restaurants

•          Enjoying luxury as standard when it comes to going on holiday/vacay

Some people are inspired and motivated by that and others COMPARE AND DESPAIR – we lose a grip of who we are and what we want to be, do or have.

If we’re not careful, our happiness and success will boil down to an arbitrary checklist and we’ll become increasingly exhausted from running in someone else’s shoes or behaving like we’re someone’s tribute act, with our goals and dreams a hodge-podge of other’s lives

We’ve found ourselves attached to a belief that everyone has ‘IT’ figured out – perfect lives fill your feeds – families, front covers, jobs, holidays, screenplays, book deals, nomad lifestyle and properties and that’s down to the Filter Factor.

Action step: Notice what you notice and skip a post!

then DON’T.

As part of this step, keep a tally on your iphone of how many times you get the itch to Instagram something whihc, if you're really honest, you're kinda forcing – it’s time to wean yourself off the approval of others on social media.

You are enough in your unwashed joggers on your sofa as you are in your Miu Miu pumps at Shoreditch House.