Step 5: Be real

Having become aware of the filter factor via Step 4, you'll start to not only notice how prone you might have been to applying a filter, as well as noticing it amongst your friends, family, workmates, peers and celebrities. 

It’s one thing becoming aware of the Filter Factor and it's another thing acting outside its influence which is so tremendously empowering to do! It's so easy to conform and feel the pressure of presenting the image of a peeerrrrfect life.

It's brilliant to share the cool and positive things that happen in and around your life especially when it is free from attachment to likes and comments. But something being primped and perfect on the outside doesn't make it of more value - the fact you're up, out of bed and living life in all it's glory is a beautiful thing - even if that includes laundry and buying toilet roll!

Action step : Be SEEN to be real

Post something completely normal, inane and regular today whether that’s paying for your parking or standing in a queue at the supermarket and be really, REALLY honest about what you’re feeling in the moment

Post a selfie and be honest about how many it took to arrive at one that you felt was ‘like worthy’ in the comments.