How would it feel if instead of being 'stuck' you knew exactly what to do now and next & absolutely in touch with what you want for yourself?

Like, really knowing you were on the right track and 'wired in' to the different areas of your life?  

No more delays. No more excuses.

Yep, that would be pretty sweet!

The Unstuck Experience is a remedy for mental fog, procrastination and indecision with the side effects of action, renewed life passion and non-negotiable self-care. Enquire or book yours now.

The clients that choose this session tend to be feeling that, despite the fact you may look like you have it ‘all going on’ from the outside, that actually, if you’re really honest with yourself, you feel like you’re at best coasting or floating along and at worse blagging it.

Your feelings of ‘stuck-ness’ might show up in a number of different ways:

  • You feel you need more of something – quality time, money, freedom, fun, creativity, control, motivation, love, care, travel, confidence, peace…
  • You're feeling like you need to rewire your brain because you’re ready to reset where you are now and 'change the record'.
  • You're daydreaming about what it would be like to live another life – in a different place, relationship, home or job. 
  • Feeling unsettled and that, ultimately, your life is out of balance
  • You may dread being asked “how’re things?” by friends and family because you can’t give them more than a fake smile and it might be keeping you awake at night.


One of my clients has described The Unstuck Experience as “basically kryptonite for indecision and self doubt”.

“It was a bit like going for a date with myself and by the end I was back in love with what my life could be.”

Jenny Newman, Owner & blogger at Bonjour Pony


Why choose The Unstuck Experience?

I’ve extracted the most impactful of my approaches and models and crafted them into this relatively bite size session.

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This is a one-to-one half-day session where we get together to give you the time, space and permission to scope and arrive at what you want for yourself in the key areas of your life.  In summary The Unstuck Experience:

  • Delivers a much needed boost to your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief
  • Gets you clear and focussed, right now and once and for all
  • Ends pre-occupation with what other people are doing or telling you to do
  • Destroys distraction and comparison
  • Gives you starting points AS WELL as follow up actions
  • Allows you to actively take control of what happens now or next, shifting your perceptions and opening new ways of thinking for you Enquire or book yours now.

 As part of this I will:

  • Be the biggest champion of your dreams and ideals
  • The friendly challenger to your doubts and barriers
  • Make sure you really get to the crux of what you want
  • Guide you to plot the steps to achieve it in the timings that work for you

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The Unstuck Experience is a place where you can be completely and totally honest with yourself and create a practical guide for how to live your life on your terms.  It’s a life coaching session entirely free from distraction or interruption.

This is a hands-on session using my specifically designed Proof Coaching exercises fuelled by lots of tea and cake to keep your engine fired up (it has also included Vodka & Tonic so whatever floats your boat). There will also be a hella lot of good old cutting and sticking - a key output is a visual map of where you want to end up.

My approach means I am completely impartial, will put knowledge before assumption and ultimately use my life coaching best practice to help you create the answers that will deliver your plan.  All the while respecting and being sensitive to your situation and the influences on your decisions - you can’t get unstuck in a vacuum after all. 

That's part of the beauty of The Unstuck Experience, in that, the exercises also allow you to identify and work your way around obstacles that may be in your way, whether they be practical or personal.

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How it works

It's a half-day (4 hours) session that can be arranged for a weekend if that is easiest for you (it often is!)

You won’t come to The Unstuck Experience ‘cold’.  You’ll complete some pre-work that you’ll need to bring along to the session.  This gives us a jogging start to the coaching and ensures you get maximum value from our time together.

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Over the course of the Get Unstuck Experience we will take a ‘broad and deep’ look at the different areas of your life you need movement forward and, using a variety of exercises from my Proof Coaching tool kit,  we'll identify the areas for attention and actions needed to get you where you want to be.

And that's not it - I won't leave you hanging baby...

To follow our session, I’ll check in with you with a follow up Skype or FaceTime call within 10 days week to keep you clear and accountable to yourself and what you need.

Enquire or book yours now.

You’ll also receive specially created ‘from here to there’ goal sheets which I will design for you to keep you present, aware and motivated to accomplish what you set out to. It’s a specially prepared dossier of one-pager-all-killer-no-filler summaries of your path to accomplish what you have in mind. Oh and it looks hot as hell too.

Investment for The Get Unstuck Experience:

£550 (Payment plans available please just ask)

Enquire or book yours now.

Next steps:

Let’s set up your free Life Coaching taster and have a chat about what you need and have in mind.  Or you can simply book you Get Unstuck Experience and in that message let me know a list of times and dates that work for you.

Once that’s confirmed I’ll send you our coaching agreement, payment details and pre-work and we’ll confirm our session.

Any questions?

No problemo – I’m here to help so let me know your query and I’ll be right back to you!

Some other things that it's useful to know about getting unstuck:

The Get Unstuck Experience is for you if:

  • You recognise you need more than a quick fire session to move you where you want to be
  • You are up for finding your own answers to some deep impact, open questions that will allow you to create new perspectives and mindsets – goodbye cobwebs!
  • You are open to stretching out of your comfort zone and take inspired action for yourself
  • You’d benefit from an injection of highly motivating, confidence boosting energy to get you back in gear, distraction free.
  • You have a few key topics or questions in mind that you need to move forward with
  • You are willing to do the homework and, with my help, follow through, after our session
  • You’re open to feedback and impartial observations that will bring a new perspective to your situation
  • You’re interested in life coaching and want positive results but prefer to have ‘one big hit’ rather than be coached over time.

It’s best NOT to go ahead with The Unstuck Experience if:

  • You’re not willing to do the pre-work or homework that supports the session
  • You aren’t going to ‘show up’ fully - mentally and physically
  • You just want a quick life coaching intensive (Check out my The Comparison Buster offering if that’s you)
  • You’re looking to work with me over time and really sort out a number of questions and topics (If that’s the case then you have to check out The Proof.)
  • You’re closed to making changes and will not try different ways of doing and thinking