Are you ready to Be Yourself Online So You Can Gain More, Grow More and Give More using social media?


Calling founders, companies of one, cause advocates, passion project owners, side-hustlers and wannabe online players, no matter your area or discipline.

The Good Gram Activation is a potent yet immersive 3 part training for people like you that want and need to find their stride with social media so you can make a difference, grow your thing and reach more people.

Starting on Tuesday 15th October, the program will complete in mid December 2019 with a graduation circle of celebration.

Watch this video to hear a summary in my own words:


If I had a pound for every time someone asked me to share my approach to social media - I would be writing this from my own private Island in a Chanel bikini! I get hounded (in a nice way) about things like...

👉 How did you get to the swipe up, then quadruple your community in a year? 

👉 How do you know what to say and pop up on my stories all the time?

👉 How come your engagement is so good but your subject is so weird? (a bit rude but OK)

👉 How do you get people to connect in the DM’s?

👉 How did you get booked by Bumble and Nike?

👉 How do you get your clients?


I have a strategy that works and it’s here.

It’s The Good Gram Activation.




Can you imagine…?


👉 No more chasing followers. Instead, steadily building your community

👉 No more trying to keep up with trends. Instead, arriving at your own rhythm and style that never fails on social media

👉 No more trying to be cool and clever with captions. Instead, speaking from the heart and always being able to deliver value and be clear with what you say

👉 No more confidence wobbles and worries about being ‘salesy’. Instead, confident and natural self-promotion that makes your message, products or offering irresistible

👉 No more waiting and hoping to be noticed. Instead, connecting with exactly the right, influential network that will open doors for you

👉 No more crickets and tumbleweeds to your posts. Instead, cultivating warm leads that engage the second you post 

👉 No more waiting to reach a certain number count before achieving your insta-dreams. Instead, doing ‘it’ now and reaping the rewards from today


I’ve unlocked the exact formula for this which until now has been shared with my private clients only, but it’s time for me to help make this your reality.

How would that change your day to day, your life, your business or the foundation to your idea?




If you bring your intention, I’ll bring the strategy. I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that following the steps of The Good Gram, will unlock these possibilities for you. It’s time to step into the next phase of YOUR growth and expansion online. It all starts with this decision.


Tell me more!


Starting on Tuesday 15th October, the program will complete in mid December 2019 with a graduation circle of celebration.

This is a lifetime purchase so please don’t worry about your access expiring or running out of time to complete the magic!

The Good Gram Activation is a 3 part training program designed to help you grow your audience, share your message, and generate the results you have been craving so you can really gain more, grow more and give more in your personal life, professional world and beyond.

Created by me, Lucy Sheridan - The Comparison Coach, it takes a mindset and performance coaching approach to deliver a comprehensive social media growth program, making it completely unique to anything available today.

It’s he mindset and tactical tools to grow a social media presence you love without the hustle, time-suck and guesswork.

When it comes to owning a message and building an online presence - I know my stuff and I have used these specific strategies to grow my business and take my work into the mainstream.

This content has never before been shared outside of my client base and it’s designed in a way to walk you step by step through the process, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already got your blue tick, but you KNOW you're missing a piece of your puzzle.


The steps to your success


Live taught workshops

Live taught workshop content (replay available) and audio downloads for real-time application as well as on the go learning that you can revisit at any time.


Templates & Itemised Checklists

Fill in questionnaires and pre-prepared for you action plans to use and work through. No more wondering what to do next or fumbling your way through - we are ready to go.



A private and exclusive password-protected members area as well as a private Facebook group. Be surrounded by like-minded people, benefit from the ‘hive mind’ and be guided by specific feedback from me to help you on the way.


Motivation & Momentum Tools

Meditations, visualisations and audio downloads to boost your mindset daily and keep you in a bubble of positivity and energy protection so you can not only get the results you want but sustain them.


One of the biggest reasons people struggle to show up confidently and consistently on social media is they are unsure of the next steps to take, they go out of order or they don’t know how to adapt to changes.

The Good Gram answers all of this so you can crack on with gusto once and for all and get out of the rut you’re feeling stuck in, or off the hamster wheel you’ve been on.

I’ll be with you along the way and I will break everything down in an easy to understand and implement method, so you do the work as you go and do it right!


The three parts of the program


In this section of the program you will gain the must-have essentials to a unique and impactful online presence that always feels good and delivers for you and your thing. You will…

👉 Gain more clarity as we define and arrive you at your own authentic goals around your life and social media (including my never fails 90-day plan template that I will give you)

👉 Gain more confidence as I coach you to show up more fully and reap the rewards. Self-promotion and sales conversations made easy!

👉 Gain more fulfilment as we dissolve your comparison and get you going in your own lane and taking action

👉 Gain more flow and follow through as you take the steps to reach your goals


Next up we will build on the foundations laid to step up and start to reap the rewards, it’s time to…

👉 Grow more awareness by becoming a specialist/expert in your space even if you are starting out or you don’t feel ready

👉 Grow more presence as you discover how you can play bigger and take up space in your corner of the internet, in your industry, in your life

👉 Grow more sales & desired responses I’ll help you with the specifics - your website, writing your speaking/approach page, what to say and how to get that ‘YES’ from your dream contact

👉 Grow buzz and momentum as you put into practice your magic content cake formula (that I’ll teach you) and lead the conversations that matter most to you and your community


Discover how to take massive action and achieve impact in order to serve more and attract more of your ideal client, press, gigs, deals and opportunities that can and will amplify your message and your income. You will learn how to…

👉 Give more value to your community and become renowned and known in your space

👉 Give more to bigger audiences - how to approach huge accounts and influential channels for IG takeovers to be front and centre with their followers and gain speaking gigs and bookings

👉 Give more widely as I teach you how to amplify you and your message, business and cause by pitching to the mainstream press, podcasts and journalists

👉 Give more to the causes by supporting the voices of the causes that matter and playing your part to be the change.




👉 The Activation trainings… Three 2 hour, live lecture style coaching calls with our group of Good Grammers. With each handpicked theme (above), I’ll share in-depth the insights, guidance and exercises to help you to gain more, grow more and give more. Did you enjoy my challenge trainings? Well these promise twice the depth, breadth, magic and transformation – I’ve just been warming up!

👉 A private, dedicated FB group AND separate password protected members area… for discussion, support, coaching and a constant wave of that vibrant energy that you have been enjoying so much up to now. It will also house all your content, workbooks, trainings and audios.

👉 Spotlight live sessions… what we focus on expands and these trainings will run throughout our time together. At the start I will help you arrive at clear, purpose fuelled, authentic goals so you can move forward without distraction and as we move through the program these will provide just the motivation and ‘how to’ you need to see it through.

👉 Integration week… because for shifts to happen we need to review, process and solidify what we have learned.

👉 Weekly ‘pop up’ Q&A’s… to help you with the specific guidance, support and tactics you need so you can achieve what’s most important to you

👉 Momentum threads… working on your mindset and squashing doubts and worries replacing these with boosts and positive mindset. You’ll get the accountability that you need to keep you showing up and up and up for your dream and intentions.




Tamu Thomas

Believing that deeper connection leads to accepting yourself fully, self-love and everyday joy, Tamu will be teaching how to find joy in social media and flourish online.


Jules von Hep

Coined by Glamour magazine as one of “the most fabulous men in the beauty industry” Jules knows a thing or two about owning it and he is here to guide you to do the same.


Amy Leighton

As a speaking and Presence coach with a specialism in camera confidence and authenticity, Amy will give us the tool kit to really master video.


Not only is Lucy is a powerhouse of Instagram knowledge and passion, she will tell you everything you need with total kindness and encouragement.

She has helped me find my community who are now my client base, which has transformed my business.

Sarah Powell · Founder of Celebrate Yourself


“…Even though it’s not about ‘the numbers’ my community has grown from 2500 - over 6000 within three months. I often receive enquiry’s via my DMs and I’ve met some amazing pals too! Lucy’s tools and tricks are nuggets of gold and I know I wouldn’t have seen such growth if it wasn’t for all her input! With her help I have also secured national mainstream press and even been invited on Good Morning Britain - all thanks to what she taught me about the perfect approach.”

Natalie Costa · Founder of Power Thoughts


The Good Gram Activation is perfect for you now if…


✅ You’re ready to step up and commit to backing yourself, your idea, your business, your brand or your cause but you need a guiding hand and support to help you make it happen

✅ You’re fed up of watching other insta’s take-off and you you feel it’s your turn to start growing and stop comparing

✅ You’re ready to stop dabbling, fumbling and playing at social media and finally establish a credible and magnetic presence

✅ You want to find/own your specialist subject and take your place as an authority and trusted voice but you just don’t know where to start

✅ You are craving a potent and productive approach to social media so you can reach your people, and connect with the right influencers and gatekeepers

✅ You don’t have the time to learn photoshop, take time off to do photoshoots, write ten posts a day and pre-plan weeks in advance but you do need to be posting authentic, attractive content regularly.

✅ You can’t be doing with watching one million videos or spending any more time waiting to ‘get’ your social media - you want and need to do it NOW.


Meet Lucy

Lucy Sheridan is the world's first and only comparison coach who, through her private practice and workshops, has helped thousands of people go from compare and despair to #comparisonfree. Accredited by the Association for the Psychological Therapies, named as one of the New Wellbeing Specialists 2018 by The ST Style and praised as one of the UK's most successful coaches by The Times. Her work has been featured in global outlets such as Psychology Today, Forbes and Google Labs.


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