If you have a track record of success but find yourself looking around feeling a bit ‘I'm not sure this is working for me. WTF should I do now?’... Pull up a chair because I'm here to help.

I’m Lucy Sheridan and my mission is to support you to get clear on what you want and design and FOLLOW THROUGH on the plan to get there.  

My life coaching is all about declaring ‘war on boredom’, laser focussed on helping people stop comparing themselves to others and resetting my clients’ glow level back to ‘de Beers’.  That’s pretty fricking shiny, I think you’ll agree.

How? This is my ‘Goldilocks approach’ that, following your FREE Life Coaching taster, allows you to:

  • Choose coaching that is “juuuuusst riiiigghht” for you
  • Delivers what you need based on your timings
  • Allows me to craft the content so it is absolutely on point for you – designed with your specific ends in mind

Based on client feedback, what lights them up like a bonfire and also what's most enjoyable, I offer three ways of working with my Life Coaching clients based on what you feel you need:

Find out more about the ways I am currently working with clients:

Over-thinking something or in 'analysis paralysis'? - This one's for you if you need to stop procrastinating or give yourself a starting point.

This session is for you if you need direction on something that is making you feel stuck, frustrated or confused. This shorter coaching burst gives you time & space to focus on what you want, with me acting as a friendly but persistent filter & facilitator.  In this session you’ll wittle away distraction and dead ends to get really clear on what happens now with your chosen topic. Read more…

This coaching session is basically kryptonite for indecision and self-doubt.  It allows you to go after what you want on your terms.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re living with your handbrake on and no matter what pedal you press in your life you just ain’t getting the traction you need?

Whatever you’re stuck with e.g. your career, wellbeing, relationship or confidence, this immersive and creative session is the place to define, scope, plan and priortise so you can get unstuck. Read More...

This is for you if you're wondering where the time is going and looking to hit 'reset' on your life now even though you’re probably only in your thirties.

You may be comparing yourself to what you see around you and on social media and feel like you’ve fallen behind or haven’t ‘made it’, whatever that means for you personally or professionally.

By working with me over time you get my impartial support, an objective but caring and creative approach to help switch your fears, regrets or indecision into confidence and action. Read more...