If you want to get clear, confident and on track with what you want, once and for all, you’re in the right place.

Can I get a ‘HELL YEAH!’ from you if you're ready to cut the crap, stop comparing yourself to others and give yourself the gifts of choice and change?

This is a rallying cry for those of you sitting at work bored, or on your sofa, scrolling your iPad bouncing between social media and the feelings of “WTF am I doing with MY life?”


It might be that you find yourself where I was a few years back... From the outside it may look like you have a pretty sweet life with nothing to complain about:

  • A great job at a 'good' company

  • You may be building your own business

  • Able to take holidays throughout the year – sun and ski, yes please.

  • Not a stranger to a big ol’ spending spree at the shops with a somewhat swish lunch to break up the day (a bottle of Veuve please.)

  • Drive a ‘good’ car and live in a ‘good’ neighbourhood

  • You may even have started, or be on your way, with your own family life

And yet, you’re looking around at what other people are doing, buying, earning and driving, or where they’re going home to, and it’s made you look at where you’re at right now and you’re feeling:

  • A bit of jealous and resentful about the lives they have

  • Like perhaps you’ve been sleepwalking or bobbing along without really taking stock or having a plan and now you’re not sure how to course correct

  • Anxiety that you've somehow lost your way and don't know how to get on track

  • Conscious of the need to ‘keep up’ and worried you’re falling behind

  • Unable to answer that question that keeps cropping up about your personal or professional life

  • Not following through on your idea yet unable to ignore the niggling feeling or preoccupation you need to take action

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, working with me could be just the fix you need.  

Why is it time to start making changes right now? Because...

  • You need to get clear on what you want and decide how to deliver it for yourself, free from niggles of jealousy, feelings of failure and falling short and no more comparing yourself to others on social media or otherwise

  • Every day you don’t make this investment in yourself, is another day in between the life you have now, and the life you want to have.  A life on purpose that sets you back on fire

  • It’s now time to nip those indecisions and distractions in the bud and make the commitment to follow through for yourself again, to truly give people a reason to take the right kind of notice of you

  • You have a fire in your belly that has elevated you to your chosen lifestyle and it should be time to enjoy that as well as your continued evolution.

Look no further - I’m the ‘Comparison Coach’. I deliver specialist, powerful, transformational coaching to people like you.