lucy sheridan - the world's first & only comparison coach


lucy sheridan - the world's first & only comparison coach

"What worries me most is 'Success' has been reduced to an arbitrary tick list of Facebook updates and that’s not going to work for me"

- Lucy Sheridan

I am well aware I have the most niche job title in the world. So, why comparison?

The power couple of social media and technology has caused a comparison epidemic. We are in the thick of it right now and it has never been more widespread, acute and damaging to our individual potential.

How do I know?

I am the case study.

Not too long ago I was so crippled with self-doubt and low confidence I would find myself crying in the toilets at the job I had come to loathe.

I was plagued by comparison and it always brought friends: jealousy, insecurity, procrastination, poor choices for my health, money and relationships, self sabotage oh jeez the list goes on. 

But one day, as I found myself looking at the wedding photos of another stranger on Facebook, feeling like I was worth nothing, I heard a voice inside my head almost pleading “this has to stop, Lucy. Enough is enough.” I remember dropping my iPhone - which was warm from all my scrolling - and crawling out from under my duvet under which I had been hiding fully clothed.

From that day everything changed. I decided that if I could think and feel my way into a comparison trap, then I could think and feel myself out of it. And so my journey from compare and despair to a #comparisonfree life began.

That calling saw me leave my lucrative corporative job in brand strategy and start on my path to a life lived absolutely on my terms, taking in more training, discovery and 'A-Ha' moments than I could have ever imagined along the way. 


Today I walk the talk in my #COMPARISONFREE life and business

Today I walk the talk in my #COMPARISONFREE life and business

I have swapped...

...Jealousy and envy of other people for support and joy for them - yes even my ex boyfriends!

...'Playing small' and staying shrunk for a dream so big it makes my voice shake because I can see it unfolding everyday

...Feeling pushed around by bullies for an unshakeable sense of confidence

...My crippling people pleasing for clear boundaries

...Competition for collaboration

...Self doubt and uncertainty for decisive self ownership in my life and business

...Flakiness in my relationships and finances for solid commitment for my ultimate abundance, living a life I thought was reserved for other people

If I can do it, so can you. Find out more about how we can work together here.