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"She noticed that her online content got the most traction when she shared about social comparison -- it sparked more views, and triggered more engaged conversations. It became increasingly apparent that people resonated with her experience and were hungry for information that addressed the root of the issue.

Sheridan responded to the calling by centering her coaching solely around banishing comparisons, being the first to claim herself as an authority in the niche. “I just kept on bloody banging on about it,” she says. “Give the people what they want! Calling myself the comparison coach, using snippy lines... I don’t leave any of it to doubt, or talk about anything in general terms.” Read the full piece here...




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Don't keep saying yes: Why you need to stop being so niceSaying "yes" to everything only ends in unhappiness. It's time women followed Kate Moss's lead and put themselves first, says reformed people pleaser Antonia Hoyle.

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The fall of the Instashammers: When Instagrammer Essena O’Neill exposed her fake online life, she shocked the internet. But she’s not the only one admitting their perfect posts are a sham.

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