A 12-week journey to a #comparisonfree 2020 & beyond

Please watch this video I have recorded for you to share more in my own words about what to expect and how to join: 

This will be a deeply connecting and transformational experience and the below outline highlights the minimum that we will cover together. Our three-month program (beginning Tuesday 26th November) includes:

Part 1

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the Opening circle and personal commitment ritual


  • Releasing blocks to achieving and receiving what you most want to attract and experience in your life

  • Increasing self-belief, personal alignment and turbo-boosting your self esteem

  • Plotting your pathway to success through defining your own PPP’s (Prized Personal Pillars)

  • Dissolving self-sabotage and unhelpful patterns and spirals

Part 2


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  • Really and truly owning who you are, always and in any situation

  • Comparison triggers tool kit to eliminate envy and distraction

  • Letting go of self-criticism and judgement of others and ourselves

  • Making space to be really you - life curation without drama

  • Building even more belief to power your focus and ability to follow through for yourself



Self-focus and consolidation

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  • Creating your own 90-day plan for incredible clarity and a feeling of flow (in-depth goal setting and aligned actions to actually achieve them)

  • Finding inspiration that feels good and serves your own goals

  • Boundaries made easy and clearing your path to success

  • Consolidating your #comparisonfree kit

Closing circle, commitment ritual and graduation ceremony.


  • We will begin on Tuesday 26th November - the New Moon - with an opening circle.

    • In this session we will also go through the pre-work to complete ahead of the start of Stage one.

  • The program will complete on or around 26th February so we will successfully knee skid into the new decade of 2020.

    • Each month there will be a live coaching session delivered by me to teach the module content for you to take away, integrate and implement.

  • There will then be a second follow up session in that month to cover insights, questions and address specific answers needed by individuals.

  • In between these times, I will be available and on hand in our forum and on email to assist and guide you so you will be supported throughout to the level that fits you best. E.g. you may like to check in daily in the group and be front row for the workshops, or, you may prefer to dip in and follow the course of the content in your own time as a sort of private study. I can meet you where you are at, so you get the most from the experience.

  • My intention is to be a present and guiding hand but to give you the space to put the work in and live your life as well - after all this is about YOUR #comparisonfree life.

  • All group sessions and Q & A’s will be recorded so you can follow and keep pace if it is difficult to join live.

  • The content of the program will be delivered via a password protected Zoom call link as well as a private Facebook group AND a separate members hub as an extra port of call to find resources in one place and to watch, revisit, and download tools and videos.

Why am I telling you about this program today? 

Because I want to give you plenty of notice and the opportunity to get organised and clear space to really take part. This group coaching format allows for a more accessible price point (at only 10% of my regular 1:1 coaching fee.)

Imagine knowing you were going into a new decade - hello 2020! - having made this commitment to yourself and investment in yourself?

THIS is where the transformation can really start.

My videos and posts will continue to help you and I’ll never stop creating those. Equally, my book is going to put a lot of my teachings in an easy to access place but THIS coaching experience will allow me to help you specifically with your comparison at a deeper level, creating the shifts and the results that really stick right down to the clearing and releasing of energetic blocks and subconscious beliefs.

There’s a reason this 1:1 has been oversubscribed for over a year - but not anymore.

 Your next steps:

It’s time to be who you really want to be without the worry and distraction of comparison.

To secure your spot for this, what promises to be, unforgettable experience, you can follow the steps below. There are two ways to sign up.

Or three payments of £199

(To spread the payments.

Incoming price three payments of £222 as of 12/10/19)

Pay in full one-off £444.

(Most cost-effective option.

Incoming price £666 as of 12/10/19)

By proceeding with either of the payment plans above you agree to the T’S and C’s.

For people of all genders and backgrounds. This will be a safe, respectful and inclusive space. Over 18’s only I’m afraid.

On your choice of payment, your place is confirmed and session dates and times will be with you shortly.

Have questions?

If you have any questions, comments or special requests based on what you have read above, simply message me directly here and I’ll come back to you…

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