I am available for speaking gigs to enhance media, PR and corporate events as well as deliver an inspirational message to young people.

The rise of social media means that the 'compare & despair' phenomenon, frankly, couldn't be more in the zeitgeist right now and its effects can be felt in corporate board rooms around the world as much as it can amongst teens scrolling Facebook on the bus.

I'm passionate about sharing advice, insight, motivation and inspiration on how we can get, and keep, focussed on ourselves and recognise the power we have to live our own unique versions of a truly awesome OFF-line life, no matter our age or background.

Key to this mission is getting up in front of people with an attention grabbing, thought provoking message to deliver the insight that will transform their lives!

So, whether it's bringing an impactful new perspective to school through to university aged audiences on how to pay attention and take control of their life and career paths, or delivering a strategy laden, super engaging keynote to women entrepreneurs on how to stop the distraction of competition for the benefit of their businesses, I'm the speaker for you.

Speaking topic examples include but are not limited to:


  • #Nofilter: Behind the show reel: Dispelling the myth of the ‘perfect life’ created by social media and how to let the REAL you shine in every area of your life

  • Stopping ‘Social Needia’: How to put down your iPhone and look within to find the answers that will move you forward, get brave and gain the confidence to deliver for yourself

  • The Millennial Survival Guide: Giving we ‘Digital Natives’ the tools to get unstuck, do away with ‘should’ and take action for themselves Off-line free from the distraction of what’s happening On-line

  • Click away from 'Compare & Despair': How to get back on track with the real you, end the jealousy and obsession with other people’s lives or businesses and recognise your journey is your own


Tailored more towards business audiences:

  • Ending Entrepreneur Envy: Stop chasing ‘likes’ & drive your own success. How looking at social media and comparing your business to another is an act of self-sabotage. This message is all about empowering business owners to back themselves, being 'laser-focused' on their own business goals and making room for success


I am open, and very happy to, create bespoke talks and workshops absolutely focussed on your specific needs and the message you need your audience to walk away with.  If you have an idea of what you'd like to communicate to your audience please don't hesitate to contact me.

Why choose me?

  • My background is Brand Strategy working with the likes of captivating, cutting edge, cult brands such as Illamasqua, Manchester United, Xen-Tan, Cloud Nine Hair, Optus, William Hill and many more. Confidence, creativity and flair had to be coolly delivered as standard.

  • I’ve made a living delivering impactful, emotive and educational messages via the craft of telling stories and I’m most at home in front of an audience.  Whether that’s my YouTube channel, live Google Hangouts, my live workshops, onstage at an International HQ presentation or my guest appearance on Oprah's Life Class – yes THAT Oprah.  Watch it just over to your right, there!

  • I always bring an authentic flavour and share my own sometimes embarrassing, always amusing anecdotes to help drive key learnings home and inject relate-ability and empathy into the speaking experience.

  • I am very Q&A friendly and am able to bring interaction to any of my multi-media, well paced presentations or speaking engagements to ensure each member of your audience feels part of a conversation not simply a spectator.

  • As the sample speaking topics suggest I can share the valuable message of living #comparisonfree from many angles however, I can submit proposals, suggestions and recommendations ahead of each speaking engagement such that it is absolutely crafted to your needs and that of your audience.

  • As a Gen Y woman and entrepreneur I have first hand insight living in this new digital age and have experienced the effects that 'compare & despair' caused by social media can have. (Read my account of its raw, gory reality here.) I am however, a survivor of it and have the knowledge, tools and experience to help guide people away from the distraction of our online personas to truly live and thrive in our OFF-line lives, whether this applies to their personally and/or professionally!

Contact me today to find out how I can enhance and support your event.