What hesitations did you have about working with me?

I was sceptical about life coaching as it is a new concept to me. However after my initial Skype chat with Lucy, I was instantly put at ease, and understood more what it was about. 'As you can see, I'm no rotweiler' was a phrase Lucy used that made me instantly relax!

What results have you achieved since we started working together?

I HAVE FOUND MY VOICE! Lucy gave me 'permission' to speak in our session, and I really felt I opened up and found my voice. As a result I now feel much more confident, and can speak my opinions and voice my emotions, rather than feeling bottled up and trapped. My voicebox quite literally became 'unstuck.' Lucy also taught me that it is ok to 'feel' unconfident, but that my whole being itself wasn't 'not confident.' This was quite an eye opener to me, and I'm now able to say clearly if I don't FEEL comfortable in a situation.

What did you like best about working with me?

I loved the way Lucy was so open and forthright. Not only did she encourage me to be open and honest in my own way, but there was a balanced directness to her session, and it felt like a very professional and practiced way of running the session. There was no time-wasting, or fluffiness, but instead a determined, committed and understanding listener. Lucy is a 'people person' and is quite clearly gifted with honing in on people's character straight away, and the best approach with how to speak with someone. I instantly knew that I'd get on with Lucy when I asked her on arrival what she'd like to drink, and she said 'have you got an Earl Grey, love?!'

How else have you benefited from our work together?

I feel totally unstuck after my 'Get Unstuck Experience.' I think it was quite literally the most positive thing I have done. Lucy helped me make some important decisions for my future career, and I feel I will reap the benefits for the rest of my life! Lucy's aftercare has also been second to none - a prompt follow-up session, and also lots of extra bits of advice and information on other beneficial avenues such as mindfulness and meditation.

Would you recommend my services?

I would recommend Lucy's and her coaching hands down. Since my session, I have been buzzing with a newly re-kindled energy, a new focus and positivity oozes from me.

What's the most important thing people should know about working with me?

She ain't no rotweiler, but she's direct and honest (because she's fabulously northern).

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Lucy left a warm, positive and happy vibe in my flat, and I genuinely missed her presence when she left. I wish I could keep her in my pocket all day long so I carry her warmth and positivity with me.