Hi guys,

Welcome to a new addition to the Proof Coaching family, namely, ‘Living Proof’ my brand new vlog series!

My rationale for creating Living Proof is I want to demystify and de-fear the process of getting where you want to be by understanding the experiences of others so that we can take cues, and get insight into, how we can do it for ourselves.

Will Jackson is the first subject of my Living Proof series.  As a songwriter for Universal Records working with numerous International recording artists – CeeLo Green and Pixie Lott, anyone? – His tale is an interesting one and click on the video above to check it out.

Will’s down to earth perspective has allowed him to keep to his path and achieve growing success in the industry but he, like many successful people, acknowledge they need to keep learning and, by his own admission “I’m not out of the woods…”

His passion for music has seen him pursue his songwriting career and in this Q&A he lets us in on all the nitty gritty details that have got him to this point, namely:

  • Rather than having a clear and consistent road to follow, a bunch of trigger points showed him to keep going, reinforcing that he was following the right signs.
  • When you’re following anything that isn’t on the beaten track it can sometimes feel like you’re wandering around trying not to bump into trees but he has dealt with uncertainty and the passing of time by remembering that trigger points do always come along that join the successes together and bring confidence.

Some of the killer insights Will shared with me ring true from my own experience, in that, the inertia of routine can keep you from doing what you want and feeling good.  Daily habits and being swept along by other people’s schedules can be hard routines to break.  Will also highlights some important personal perspectives which I think sums up some PERFECT advice:

“It’s crucial to back yourself: - The good things that happen give you a shove.  LOOK for opportunities especially in the tougher times when nothing’s there to nudge you along... It’s not telling yourself you’re amazing all the time – be as realistic as possible and still carry on.  You can fall back on knowing that you should keep going – back yourself.”

The process of building his career in the music industry has taught him to acknowledge:

  • Getting the right support is crucial – talking to those that know the industry has allowed him to let him know what he’s in for and allowed him to suss out what his next expectations can be.

  • A healthy dose of realism is key - sometimes you have to be quite cold and objective but not be pointlessly negative… keep assessing what feels right and play to strengths. 

  • Allow yourself to rise up through layers and understand what the next move is – if you go straight to the top you’ll miss out on learning lessons and understanding how things really work

  • Don’t do the same thing and expect different results.  It’s important to read situations anew – there isn’t one way to do it.


Thanks so much to Will for taking time out of his schedule to take part and share his first hand experiences- there are BIG things ahead for this chap.

I hope you enjoy this Q&A.  I would so love to hear any of your feedback or comments – good, bad and ugly… but mainly good!! :)

I can’t wait to share more Living Proof Q&A’s with you in the coming months and thank you for stopping by.

Love Lucy xox


PS: I do plan on developing my editing skills so these videos are nice and bite size and apologies for the giggling in the video but this guy was a pleasure to interview.