Hey there Proofies, 

This hangout caused quite a stir in my inbox and now you can see what all the fuss is about - here’s your recording. 

Apologies there’re no crystals, dream catcher or floaty clothing in the post to accompany this.  My bezzy Nicky from Be Ready tweeted me this picture after this hangout and I just had to share it:

As supermodel Lily Cole highlights, Spirituality is being dragged into the 21st century and what’s awesome is that people are increasingly realizing is that it doesn’t matter what your background is, there really is something for everyone at this self-care buffet

Timing, hey?

So just to give you a refresh-eroo, in this ‘Generation Y Not?’ interview we were talking all about the other ‘S Word’, Spirituality and as those of you that viewed it live will know Jo Westwood brought her unique and non nonsense take on how happiness is an inside job. 

In this, what I expect will be first of many conversations with you guys, we shared our interpretations of what Spirituality is, what it isn’t and how YOU can use it a bit like a tool kit for navigating real life as a much happier, in control version of yourself.

Other people in a mood and ruining your day? – we have you covered

Your boss is being an A-hole? – this is gonna help

Having trouble getting through to someone at work or at home? We’ve got what it takes to ensure you’re heard

Noticed you’re reaching to passive aggression to make a point rather than communicating like a grown up?  Yep, Spirituality can sort that out too.

Enjoy this recording my love and head to the comments to share your Spiritual go-tos- everybody wins!

  • What have you observed about your 'crust of history'?
  • What are your must-read spiritual books?
  • Who's been a great influence on you and your spiritual practice?

See you in the comments!

Love Lucy xx