Join me *LIVE* for this brand new workshop: “Be yourself: How to live comparison free” which is coming to Yoga Mamas in Brighton on Friday 6th June from 1pm to 3pm.

So, what’s it all about?

Social media is amazing – it helps us keep up to date with daily life, share in the life events of others and have a good laugh at those ‘good idea at the time’ selfies with friends.

On the other hand, comparing ourselves to what we see on social media is driving us crazy!  There is a negative side to being social that is creeping up on many of us, in that, what we’re seeing on people’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds is creating an illusion.

For example, have you come across posts on your Facebook feed that make you think everyone is:

·      Raising the perfect children without any issues at all

·      ALWAYS blow dried, primped and pristine

·      Having amazing sex in their perfect relationships

·      Moving into their dream house

·      Going on AMAZING holidays

·      Getting more qualified and clued up

·      Gaining ANOTHER promotion

·      Losing weight and fitter than ever

·      Filling their wardrobe with designer clothes and handbags

If you nodded along to any of that you might have looked at your feed and thought that everyone else seems to have ‘it’ worked out, compared to you.  The thing is, that’s simply not the case and comparison on social media is making us crazy!

The result?  We’re looking at ourselves and feeling crappy about personal and professional situations, frustrated with what we have or don’t have and dissatisfied with progress with our own dreams and goals that may be a bit stuck or not yet in action.

The way to free ourselves from those perceptions and limits is to start to live free from comparison, shake off the social media spin we’ve been sucked into and reclaim control of what we can do. 

We can do this by finally getting clear on what we want and plotting the actions to deliver it for ourselves.

Sounds good.  What next?

Join me for this game-changer workshop that, through delving into my treasure trove of coaching exercises, will allow you the time and space to start to focus and get clear on what you want and identify the steps you can take NOW to get out of a comparison mindset and deliver for yourself.

What’s on offer?

This workshop will provide an introduction to what coaching is and how it works.  We’ll then crack on with some practical tools and techniques to allow you to scope, identify and commit to the options that are going to help you move towards what’s important to you now, free from the distraction and comparisons that may have interfered before.

What will I get from the workshop?

  • A roadmap that includes a clearer picture of where you’re at now and a list of practical actions of what you can DO to put that plan into practice.
  • A high level of awareness and positive energy that will be your engine fuel to act on the options you have – no more feeling stuck!
  • Free extras - all attendees receive a free goal ‘check-in’ Skype or phone call to keep you on track and a 10% off discount on a coaching package of your choice should you like to continue with coaching.

Is it right for me?

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions below then this is the session for you:

  • You’re interested in moving forward from where you are now but are not sure where to start
  • You have become pre-occupied by what you see others doing on social media and it’s becoming a distraction
  • You want to live comparison free
  • You feel a bit stuck despite on the surface seeming to have a ‘good’ life
  • You’re up for taking part in some exercises which will lead to shifting perceptions and open new ways of thinking for you
  • You’re up for doing some work to generate the results you want rather than expect them to come out of thin air

How do I book?

Please please contact me to reserve your place in the workshop.  Please also bring a notepad to record your working out and results.


Can't wait to see you there!

Love Lucy xoxo