Those of you that are signed up to my VIProof newsletter will have had a heads up that I'm very open to a mystical life and I am indeed on my own spiritual path along with many 'Gen-Yers'.  For me, this has meant learning with the original Spirit Junky Gabby Bernstein and others and I've also visited mediums and experienced tarot readings and the like...

I came across Vicky recently and she not only appealed to my Brooklyn loving side but also whet my astro appetite - I mean, c'mon "New Age Hipster"?!  When I discovered her awesome blog, I just *knew* I had to get this girl on mine to share her take on Tarot and give a bit of an introduction to it for those of you that are interested in a dabble or a toe dip.  

Vicky also sealed the deal for me because I had an A-MA-ZING free Tarot reading with her that, once I aligned it with my intuition and inner knowing, provided a shit load of clarity for me on a big business question of mine.  Vicky is still offering FREE readings and you can DM her through her Facebook here to set that up for yourself, in confidence. 

So to find out more about this 'one to watch' in the NOW AGE world and discover a bit more about Tarot, read on, as Vicky answers my burning questions on the topic!..


How did you get into Tarot? - Where did your interest come from?

Meet Vicky!

Meet Vicky!

I've always been interested in divination. I was that kid in class who had yes and no written on each side of her eraser and I would sit up the back in Maths flipping it continuously while asking crazy questions in my head. I guess on some level I always knew there was some way to find the answers I was seeking, like they were just right there but I couldn't quite grab them. My journey went from erasers to little bits of paper with yes and no written on them that I would pull from a plastic sleeve before progressing onto magic 8 balls and finally runes! I didn't buy my first deck of Tarot cards until quite a bit later, but it seemed like a natural progression, and I still can't do Maths.


How did you learn more?

Not so long ago I had a 'bad' reading and although the reader had a lot of excellent feedback on her site I felt incredibly disappointed. She read my future and nothing she said would happen did! I now realise that reading was a blessing in disguise. I thought hang on, I could have done better than that! So I dusted off my cards and Tarot books and started listening to Tarot podcasts on my commute!


How do you use Tarot from your personal perspective?

I like to use the Tarot in a modern, quirky way that people can relate to. I'm not Madam Zelda and I don't wear shawls (that doesn't mean I don't think shawls are cool). I read Tarot like I'm giving advice to a friend over coffee at Starbucks.

I use Tarot as a way to shed light on a situation, see things from a new point of view and an empowering way to bust through blocks and make positive changes. I think when we read for 'futures' there is a danger of  getting so hung up on 'what the tarot reader said' that our reading becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. I can help you see a glimpse into what lies ahead if you continue on a certain path, but my readings are more about getting you on the right path! I really believe we have the power to change the cards and make our life whatever we want it to be.


What makes a ‘good’ Tarot reading?  

Finding the right Tarot reader is like finding a good hairdresser. When you have a haircut and you feel like 'wow I love it!' even though they cut off like half your hair and you almost cried, but the end result is so worth it?! Getting a good reading should leave you feeling like that, like you had some hair cut off, but it was dead anyway, and now you feel so much better!

A good reading should always be positive and uplifting even if it is a bit of a kick in the pants. It's not a good reading if you just hear what you wanted to hear – it should be what you needed to hear.

How do you know if you’ve not had a good reading? (I saw on your FB that you find it frustrating when people give bad readings -  would love to know more)

If it doesn't feel right, take it with a grain of salt. There're a lot of people out there doing Tarot professionally, especially on sites like Etsy and even if they have good feedback it doesn't mean they are right for you. You may have to shop around a little before you find someone you want to take your questions to, but just like with finding a good hairdresser, it's good to know exactly where to go when you need some help with those split ends or relationship issues!

If you asked about work and got relationship advice or if you were told things that don't relate to your life. Being told you will 'meet the right guy one day' when you married him a couple of months ago does not a good reading make. That's the kind of thing that's going to have you start questioning your relationship, withdrawing, wondering if you are meant to be with someone else and hey guess how that's going to turn out... see why I don't do 'futures'?!

There's a big difference between a kick in the pants reading – where you didn't really want to hear it, but you kind of know it's true – and hearing something that just makes no sense on any level.

Also, when getting an email reading anyone who is cutting and pasting off the internet is a warning sign! You don't want your reader checking definitions of cards on websites, you could do that yourself for free!

What are you ‘go-to’ places to find out more about Tarot?

I love Dusty White's books and free podcasts on iTunes, the Tarot Tribe podcasts, Tarosophy community and second-hand book shops! But the best place to go to learn more is anywhere I can sit with my cards and just hang out with them.

What would be your advice to people that want to learn more and start trying Tarot out for themselves

Spend some time looking at decks in shops or online and choose the one you feel is right for you. Rider Waite or Hanson-Roberts are good to learn with but if something else grabs you that's OK too! When you get your deck home just spend time with it doing whatever feels right. Look at the cards painstakingly slowly and totally digest each one or spread them out on your bed and roll around in them (don't bend them though!). There are bazillions of books on the market claiming to teach you Tarot, don't just buy one. Read a few different books (they all say different things!), search around online for info too and you'll start to work out what works for you.


Tarot reading goes back hundreds of years, why do you think people still find it relevant today?

People are still looking for answers, just as they have been throughout all of history. Tarot cards are nothing but a bunch of bits of paper with pictures on them, but we can use them to help us tune into our intuition or a higher power. In a way we already know that guy is wrong for us, we know that job will only bring misery, the magic isn't in the cards, it's in you! In a way, reading Tarot cards is no different than tossing a coin to make a decision. You won't do what the coin says, you'll do what your heart says – the coin just sometimes helps you realise that.


Tarot isn’t going to be for everyone, which is cool, and yet what do you think are the biggest misconceptions and misunderstandings about Tarot?

Not all Tarot readers are into dark occult stuff. We all have different beliefs and read according to those. If you want to know what a reader's beliefs are, just ask before booking a reading, if you don't like the sound of it, book someone else!

Cards like 'Death' and 'The Tower' can make people feel a little scared when they come up - but the cards in the tarot aren't meant to be taken literally. If you come into some money a huge hand doesn't usually come out of a cloud and pass you a gigantic coin right?! 'Death' simply means transitions, endings and beginnings. It comes up when it's time to get out of that 'dead' end job or get out of that 'dead' relationship. The Tower is about things crumbling around you, it's a chance to rebuild and do things over, and sometimes that's exactly what we need to do to make our lives better.

Finally, what are your personal favourite deck designs and what are your favourite cards? And why?

My favourite cards to see in a reading are the The Sun and the Empress. I love the happy optimistic feel of the sun, and the Empress sits in her power but has a chilled out vibe to her that I love. 

My go to deck is the traditional Rider Waite, but I also enjoy working with some of the quirkier decks like The Morgan's Tarot. I'm currently on a mission to start collecting Tarot cards from the 1980's so keep an eye out on my blog for those!

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