Dear Lucy,

With age comes reflection and, just like Lady Bird, you will come to know yourself in ways that will sometimes be uncomfortable.

Brace yourself. Just like the trend for pedal pushers, nothing lasts forever, and you know? That’s OK and don’t be worried.

You think you have it all figured out now, and yet, you are in for the ride of your life. As you grip on, no matter what, always trust your instinct – it speaks to you now but as you get older its voice will quieten and you will find yourself stuck in your head and the world will get louder as you work out which way to go, how to speak, how to dress and when and who to kiss.

Have you checked in with yourself lately young one? It is important that you do, and often. Perhaps it is starting to happen already… your tendency to be swept along by friends with strong characters and not question if you actually want to do that thing or be that person. Remember that real friends are OK with you saying ‘no’ as well as ‘yes’ when you hang out and make plans. Be the friend that you want to have - it’s easy to criticise your BFF but it can you are not perfect either. It’s never too late to make great friends that you will laugh and cry with, so be open to the people that life invites to cross your path - you can’t imagine how much you will help each other.

Be gentle with yourself and others - that grudgy vibe does not look cute on you and you will always be happier if your decisions come from a place of looking after yourself not just pleasing other people. Their standards are not your standards - you have a lion heart so use it!

There is so much to look forward to. Your family will become one of the greatest joys of your life and although the umbilical cord gets longer it will never break. You might be feeling a little hemmed in at the moment but Mum’s boundaries are there to protect you and you will grow to create a new and stronger bond as you get older. For now you have a bit of a power struggle on your hands, but you’ll soon learn that nobody will beat your mum’s will and you are blessed that runs in your genes too. Her fire will light you up on dark days.

And please heed this above all else:- Comparing yourself to others is going to be a persistent trait for years to come but you are going to break free of its clutches eventually and strive to be the best version of yourself. This won’t happen overnight but when you get past your thirtieth birthday you will hear the sound of a thousand pennies dropping. Go with the zigs and zags and when the plot twists keep coming pay attention because you have everything it takes to make it even though now your self doubt tends to take the wheel.

Just be you - it is safe for you to just be you.

Love Lucy xo

The award winning Lady Bird is out to buy on DVD now. A big thank you to Universal Pictures for inviting me to take part in this special launch.