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Another day and another free Life Coaching tools giveaway - whoop, whoop!

Well we're on Day 2 of the New Year and if you're like me you will have made some resolutions around cutting down on the booze and making some healthier food choices.

And again, if you're like me, it won't be the first time you've had these intentions and yet for whatever reason, unfortunately, the lifestyle change hasn't quite gone to plan.  If we challenge ourselves to reflect on what got in the way of our goals we can often explain these away with perhaps being 'too busy', 'having a bad knee' or 'the gym is too expensive'.

The truth is however, a bit more brutal, in that, we had a role in self-sabotaging our progress and there might be a habit of these behaviours if we look back on our actions - or lack of action - over time.

Well, this PROOF4U frees download giveaway is about getting aware and creating a clean slate and breaking the cycle of self sabotage when it comes to your diet or lifestyle choices.  I wanted to share these specific tips as I've found them tremendously useful as they are really practical and grounded in objectivity.

So, take a look at the free download and let me know what you think and which of these Top 10 can be an extra support for you as you aim for the best you can be in 2014.

Love Lucy xx


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