Hi guys,

I hope you're having a good day and have avoided the negative hype of Blue Monday!

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As you'll know if you're a blog regular here, I have a fair bit to say about the tricky traps of comparison and I was recently invited to contribute to VOIX -  the global youth magazine to share an opinion or 12!

This time I turned my typing to social media and asked "Is your social media newsfeed a 'bruise feed?".

I'm sure we've all experienced a mini confidence crisis after seeing our mates or distant acquaintances living a lifestyle to rival Beyonce!  Here's how to get on top of those feelings and get yourself back on compass: http://voixmag.com/is-your-social-media-newsfeed-a-bruise-feed/

Click on the link to read my piece and let me know what you think!

Love Lucy xx