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I hope you’re having a great day and thanks so much for visiting today to check out Episode 3 of Living Proof, my vlog series which aims to demystify and de-fear the process of bringing more happiness into your life. 

This interview has a strong equestrian flavour but the lessons and insights are truly universal and apply to anyone who’s ever had something not work out as planned and could use some advice and motivation around how to stay focused and keep going forward. Success is, after all IMHO, a work in progress. (Easy come, easy go – right?)

My guest for this interview is Nicole Mills from Nicole Mills Eventing, the 2* International Event Rider.

She has her sights firmly set on Team GB and competing at Burghley Horse Trials and that ain’t no gymkhana - think a leap above Olympic level if you’re a bit rusty on horse related competitions.

You don’t really get the chance to speak to an up-and-comer with passion and ambition like this everyday, so I just had to have her on. I reconnected with Nicole thanks to the wonders of Facebook and she was an obvious choice as a guest due to her unique experience – she’s had to learn the hard way about what it takes to build a business, but the lessons have served her well and she very kindly shares her unique opinion and advice in the film.

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To give a bit of background, at aged 22, Nicole took on a 27 horse stable with a 3-year lease and this proved to be a costly learning curve for her both financially and emotionally.  Giving up that stable after working so hard to try to build it up, is highlighted by Nicole as a low point on her journey, however, if it hadn’t been for that coming to an end, she would never have learned two crucial things:

  • She was born to produce horses to compete on the International circuit and now has a whip smart view of the exact type of business and focus she wants to follow to pursue her passion
  • When it comes to horses, her approach and ethos stand her apart and she likes it better that way. She’s always acting in the interests of the individual horses and as a result, everyone wins, including the owners of these prized beasts

 We start the interview with understanding a day in the life for Nicole and then at around 4.30 we get into her wider opinions on what goes on in the mind of this equestrian entrepreneur – including what keeps her awake at night!

Watch the killer insights that Nicole gives in full juicy detail in the video and if you’re saving that for later, you can find the class notes below:

To help you overcome doubt, surround yourself with the right kind of people:

“I surround myself with people that have been there and done it.  I check in with them to get advice and that bolsters my belief in what I’m doing.”

Your attitude and will is more important than the outside package: 

“You don’t have to be built like a massive thoroughbred machine to achieve the greatest heights.  You must use what you have!  It’s not the most talented horse that gets you round Burghley, it’s the one that has the heart of a lion – they think they’re up to it and they’ll be damned if they can be stopped.“


So, what’s the best advice for people that are starting to follow their passion?...


Think of knowledge like diamonds – more is more!:

“Do your research and ask yourself ‘do you really want it and what does it look like? Then take baby steps and survey what’s around you. Learn from your own and other people’s mistakes and use all the knowledge and experience you have to DO something”

Stick to what you believe:

Everyone will have an opinion but you must stick to your standards and be truthful with people.

Listen to your inner voice: 

If you can’t live without something, and you’ll know the signs, then don’t ignore it or eventually regret will eat you up.

Nicole’s goal is to become a household name in the competitive horse world and with such an amazing attitude, outlook and platform for growth we can’t see any other result than her smashing her goal to smithereens.

I can’t wait for the day I’m standing at Burghley with my Hunter wellies on cheering on this fantastic sportswoman and I hope you’ve been inspired to look at what you want with this added insight into the different ways you can make it, whatever that means for you.

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