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It’s really important to me that this blog is a place where I share not only thought leading views and practical advice on how to handle what life throws at us, but also, that it’s a place where I can share my own opinion and experience too.

Every so often these things combine in a very special way, such as, when I was invited to appear on three Oprah’s Life Class shows where I got to converse with Queen Winfrey herself and also gain, first-hand, some amazing insight and advice around my own behaviour and perceptions.

Later on today I’ll be posting video clips of the shows I appeared on so you can also access those enlightening perspectives Oprah and Iyanla share and also a couple of my favourite Oprah mini-films relating to Karma and ‘If someone shows you they’re untrustworthy, believe them the first time.’

I'll also explain how the hell I wound up on the shows which is a typical example of implementing a 'Why not try?' approach to what you want.

Thanks guys and catch you back here later!

Love Lucy xx