Kirsten was an obvious and necessary choice to include in this blog series. Her refreshing and honest approach to what we eat, and our body image, goes against the trend of extremes which is so en Vogue at the moment…

If you’ve ever been miserable about what you’ve seen looking back at you in the mirror then pull up a chair, as Kirsten and I are here to relate and help you out.

In this first part of my interview with Kirsten from The Food Remedy, we’re open about the struggles and upsets we’ve had with diets, self-hate and being total bitches to ourselves – brutal but true.

In this edit Kirsten shares with us:

  • Her body break-down leading to her break-through in realising her happiness didn’t depend on her body but her mind too
  • WHY we get trapped in a cycle of diet traps and fads
  • WHY we’re so obsessed with extremes and cutting out things rather than a gentle approach
  • Nutrition is not a one size fits all thing – **hallelujah** you hereby have the permission to not follow the media hype!
  • M A J A insight into how when we’re nourished properly we can calm the inner voice and stop self-sabotaging thoughts (that's where most of us f*ck up if we're really honest with ourselves)
  • Why you need to apply the same love to yourself as you would for your pet or BFF
  • How to turn off the rigid reliance on random fads and tit bits of what’s worked for other people

Through talking with Kirsten I know now that food is essential to my mood and feeling motivated which is why I've found myself feeling weepy and weak when I've not been in the right place with my nutrition (God, this is soooo me!)

Part 2 is coming up tomorrow but in the mean time share with me if you can relate to being cruel to yourself? What diets have you tried in desperation? What was your break-through moment? Have you been able to follow an extreme eating change and stuck to it?

Jump to the comments now and I'll meet you there!

Love Lucy xxx