Kirsten and I continue and conclude this pulling-no-punches interview of brutally honest diet and body talk with some killer advice on how to finally stop being a bitch to yourself! What we really want you to take away from this my love is that you won’t receive a ‘self-acceptance voucher’ out of nowhere in the post so your first step to getting off the diet or self hate carousel, is silencing your inner critic.  

Through this conversation we get practical about how, like us, you C A N choose:

  • to nourish your inside and outside self
  • thoughts to make you feel good and start to get the results you want
  • to slow down the nasty things you say to yourself (we've all said ‘God I look so fat today!')
  • to disrupt what you don’t like

One of the things I've come to realise is that I have to accept me for me or nobody else will - lumps, bumps, tight or loose.  That's why as much as I have a fairly active lifestyle - thanks to having a dog that needs walking! - I buy a swimming costume with a tummy panel in it now rather than starve myself and live in the gym before my holiday,  just so I look kinda thin for a load of strangers. I'm just so fed up with not accepting myself I won't do it anymore!

After all, even models get the wobbles when it comes to body confidence. Looking outside ourselves can be so damaging and we really need to know HOW to avoid comparing ourselves physically to others.  As Kirsten rightly states “you don’t know what’s going on in anyone else’s life… look at Cheryl Cole and her life's ups and downs… your money or your job does not guarantee anything for you.”

Let's each BE proactive and know the only person you can focus on is yourself and that’s where CHANGE comes from.

Kirsten’s AMAZING piece on comparison is here as promised:

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And now meet me in the comments and tell me your view - what is the best way you've learnt to silence your inner critic? Why do you think we obsess about what others look like or are doing? Have you been able to stop comparing yourself to others?