Hi guys,

I hope you're doing great and thank you for heading over for, what I think, is a thought provoking take on the topic of walking away which, I must confess was inspired by reading the Mail online sidebar of shame! (Mea culpa!)

Walking away gets a bad press but let's not forget when you walk away from something you walk TOWARDS something else - control, opportunity, less compromise, space to think and concentrate on yourself and your passions.  Just look at Victoria Beckham who's chosen to walk towards her own goals and away from any Spice Girls touring. Hats off to her.

Here's a short video I recorded for you that also contains a super exercise to work out if it's time for you to walk away:

What comes to mind when you think of walking away?  What was the best thing to happen after you walked away from a situation?  What do you think holds people where they are?

 Let me know what you think and how this applies to you in the comments below.  

Love Lucy xo

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