Would you be up for a 6.45am blow dry every day to start you off, like Anna Wintour?.. OK, perhaps not, but what if you could do one thing to snap into a state of good energy and action and get out of your own way?  In this brand new vlog I explain how rituals work, why they can be game changing for you and what you can do to create your own:

Sometimes the things you do before taking action can be written off as procrastination but that's not always the case if it sets you up for the state to actually be clear headed and get on with things.

Let me know in the comments what rituals you swear by, at work or at play?  Or what rituals you’re going to experiment with to stimulate a state of action and results for yourself..?

Love Lucy xxx

PS: The pic of Ms Wintour in the video are from: Source: Aleks Kocev/BFAnyc.com from http://www.fabsugar.com/Costume-Institute-Renamed-Anna-Wintour-Costume-Center-33501904