Hey guys,

I have something a bit different for you to taste from the Proof Coaching buffet today:  Welcome to the Coaching Salon with Nicky and Lucy!

I first met Nicky Raby during our coaching training a couple of years ago and, over time, we've become firm friends and also shared the experience of setting up our separate Life Coaching businesses.  (You can check her out at www.bereadycoaching.com and also get her good stuff direct here)

As we've stayed in touch and shared our coaching insights, sense checked business decisions and been huge cheerleaders for each other, we've encountered the same sort of questions and comments that come up from clients and the people around us.

So, we got together a couple of weeks ago in London to start to pick off some of the myths to do with Life Coaching and also square up to some of the questions we get and, in the process, share some unique perspectives and free killer insights.  Here's episode 1 for your delectation :-)

In this first video we lift the lid on what we do with a fair bit of giggling and unintentional innuendo!  Stick with us - the energy is great and the answers will help bring a new perspective to where you're at.

We have several episodes we'll be sharing over the coming weeks so stay tuned and, in the mean time, if you have any questions you'd like our answers on, just let us know and we'll jump on it!

In the mean time we would so love to connect with you on Facebook here and here and also on Twitter here and oh, yeah, here too!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and I really hope you enjoy it :)

The BIGGEST Love - Lucy xoxo