Hello guys,

I hope you're having a great week.  Welcome back to the blog for Episode 2 of Lucy & Nicky's coaching salon.  This 5 minute wonder sees us take on a couple of biggy questions relating to strategies, keeping on track and I talk abut my own personal ambition.  It can be a bit nerve racking calling out your dream but if I state my intention for myself then I guess nobody else can :)  Have you ver felt a bit nervous telling people what you want or what you're going to do?  I'm not alone out there am I?! ;-)

Hopefully you'll stick around and see me go on that journey - warts and all!

Have you ever tried the Be/Do/Have exercise that Nicky talks about at the begging of the video?  If not I would highly recommend - let us know how you get one!

Come over and find us at Proof's Facebook and Twitter and you can get Nicky on her Facebook and Twitter here! And please call out YOUR ambitions in the comments below!

Big Kiss,

Lucy xox