I often get into conversations about how I choose my blog topics.

To be reeeeaally honest, in this line of work, I'm so conscious of my own behaviour and reactions it's often a case of holding up a mirror to myself and sitting in that *awkward* cringey space that is, reflection. Or narcissism. But I prefer 'reflection' ;-)

This post is no different, loves.  I've become painfully aware of how I might be cutting short not only the everyday special things, but also the momentous 'newsworthy' things that happen in my life and others'.  Chances are this may be creeping up on you too - when was the last time something cool happened and you didn't take a selfie or hold up your phone to capture that band on stage..?

Because of our roles as digital witnesses we increasingly press pause and break the flow of what's happening.  We'll never know what we missed because we were too busy selecting a filter or spelling someone's name in a @tag to notice...

If you take a moment to think, you'll remember at least a few times this has happened with you in the last week or so. This is the 'new normal', right?

One that stuck out for me was a spontaneous burst of 'Happy Birthday' in the pub having to be rehearsed and repeated once the **SURPRISE** was over, just so the four-times-lit-and-blown-out candles could be videoed and posted on Instagram and Facebook and beyond. Buzz. Kill.

Watch my take on how being a Digital Witness is messing with our memory making potential:

As promised I have TWO dance breaks to accompany this piece.  The first is the spine-tingly relevant 'Digital Witnesses' by St Vincent:

And the second one comes from the Queen of Pop herself as we remember, indeed, that "...Beauty's where you find it, not just where you pump and grind it.."

Feel free to share with me your 'Digital Witness' playlist...

Plus let me know your take on...

Have you been guilty of interrupting a moment that could have built up to something special? Or, do you find yourself twitching to take pictures more than you'd like to?  What's your theory on why we are so keen to capture everything?

Lots of love,

Lucy xx