A particularly massive hello & welcome to fashion bunnies and spirit sisters alike - have I got a *hotty* for you today!!

This, my loves, is a very special Proof post containing some extra sartorial sparkle as, today, I am so delighted to share with you my exclusive interview with the Brit-in-New-York wonder lady, Ruby Warrington.

The babe that is Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous

The babe that is Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous

You might, like me, have followed Ruby up to this point and know her work from her time as Features Editor on the celebrated glossy Sunday Times Style supplement and beyond. Her writing credits are as long as both my arms -she's interviewed the likes of Lady Gaga more than once for example - but it was her 2011 piece on the rising trend of spirituality 'The New Age is Now', that I vividly remember devouring.  

It wasn't until a few years later that I fully 'got it', but it goes to show thanks must be attributed to Ruby for helping bring the reborn sparkle of spirituality cascading onto these British Isles (along with her good buddy Louise Androlia who was also in that 2011 article!)

To reinforce this she's also walked the talk and founded The Numinous, an online hub dedicated to fashion, culture and modern cosmic thinking, where 'Material Girl meets Mystical World'.

But, IMHO it's so much more than a website - it's an alternative media platform for those ready to don their spiritual bikini and get wet in the wonder of all things modern and mystical.  Whether that's your Tarotscope, relationship with your body, sexuality and/or mind, you'll find something  on The Numinous to light you up from the inside out.

Pic from Gabby B's Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/qY49q1kwDD/?modal=true

Pic from Gabby B's Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/qY49q1kwDD/?modal=true

Oh, and coming soon you'll be able to adorn your outside too, and shop her beyond cool line of apparel that counts Gabby B as well as moi as happy customers. 

But, enough fan-girling from me - here's my interview with Ruby where she shares her perspectives on where to start with 'NOW age' thinking as well as how not to get too caught up in 'doing it right' -  the universe, after all, has got your back! (...to the point it brought vintage Chanel into her life, what's not to like?!)

Let's dive in!..

How did you first connect with ‘modern cosmic thinking’?

The 'gateway drug' for me - as with many people - was astrology. I was always fascinated with the notion that an astrological chart was like a blueprint to each individual's personality, and how it could be used to give insight into strengths, weaknesses and compatibility. And I don't care what anybody says about it being 'pure science'. Although it's obviously math based, the idea that our lives can be shaped by celestial bodies millions of miles away in outer space feels pretty cosmic to me.

If you had to sum it up, what does the Numinous and modern cosmic thinking mean to you?

For me it's about an understanding and acceptance that there are benevolent forces at play in our human existence that are beyond our understanding. Numinous literally means; "that which is unknown or unknowable" - and it's used to describe those experiences you can't necessarily define with words, but which let you know you're an integral stitch of the fabric of the Universe.

How would you describe your life before ‘waking up’ to spirituality, compared to now, living in an ‘awakened’ state?

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 13.35.39.png

I used to find more satisfaction and fulfilment in material things - fashion, parties, my glossy magazine career. Which is by no means to say I don't still find those things fun and sparkly and inspiring, it's just through my Numinous practises I feel like I've discovered a deeper level of understanding what it means to be me. So now I'm more likely to seek out experiences that feed me on that level, simply because I find them more fulfilling.

Has anyone ever been a bit “Huh?" when you’ve explained where you’re coming from?

Not really! I tend to spend most of my time with people who are on the same path - mainly because the conversation is just so much more stimulating! But I feel like this conversation is very much in the zeitgeist and so people are generally intrigued. I've even managed to convince most of the editors I write for in my 'day job' as a freelance magazine and newspaper reporter to cover Numinous topics to a degree.

It’s no bombshell that we live in a material world and what do you think can stop people finding their life purpose?

I feel like a lot of this comes back to the word 'should'. We're all bombarded with ideas about what we 'should' do with our lives, the person we 'should' be and the things we 'should' aspire to pretty much from the day we're born. It comes from family and the world at large, especially where consumerism is the dominant culture. I was lucky enough to have fairly liberal parents who didn't impose too much of that on me, which isn't to say I didn't pick up the same conditioning from media and other outside influences. Connecting with Numinous practises gave me an opportunity to tune back in to what really matters to ME - and this is really the main goal with the site. I wanted to create an alternative media platform that would introduce people to ways to reconnect with their own soul purpose.

What are your favourite or ‘go-to’ mystical/spiritual resources and practices?

It's not very original, but yoga has become a really important way for me to get into my body - which I find to be a really efficient way to 'touch base' with what's going on inside, and 'clean off' all the outside conditioning that happens on a daily basis. I've been deepening my study of astrology (I'm always checking my ephemeris to see what the planets are up to), have started experimenting with the tarot, and have also had some great experiences with flower essences when things get stressful. But I'm pretty much open to anything!

How did you discover these?

Running a site like The Numinous, these things tend to discover me ;-)

What do you think it means to be spiritual in this ‘Now’ age? (I.e. what are the rules, if any?)

I think 'the rules' will be different for each individual, as we each have our own unique perspective on life, and our own joys and challenges. For me, it means embracing my materialistic desires but not placing too much importance on them. It's about connecting with who I 'really' am (i.e. my 'spirit') on a daily basis, which means things like yoga, meditation, yes, but also eating foods I know won't tax my system too much - as I feel like this makes the mind-body-spirit connection more difficult. The cleaner the vessel, the more fluid the conversation! I'm by no means an angel or a nazi on the food and booze front though - I drink a lot less alcohol than I used to, but I'm all about spirits and spirituality. And on a wider scale, hopefully cultivating a deeper level of self-awareness translates to a desire be a kinder, more accepting and more compassionate person.

Why do you think more and more people today are looking for answers in ancient practices, whether that’s mindfulness, astrology or speaking to their angels?

In a way I feel like it's because technology has advanced to a point that we want to be reminded of what it means to be a human - and so these ancient 'social technologies' are enjoying a renaissance. We spend so much of our life interacting with machines, which is ultimately a pretty empty experience. But also because it's fun!

What’s your advice to people that are just ‘dipping their toe’ into the world of spirituality and ‘connection’? (E.g. I remember feeling a bit worried I was doing it wrong when I first started affirmations or speaking to my angels lol!)

Well firstly no-body's judging you beside's your own ego (and learning to put that busy body in her place is likely one of the first things you'll get the hang of). And secondly, to know that there is no 'right' way to experience any of this. Keep bringing it back to this central idea - that being 'spiritual' simply means doing things that make you feel connected to your spirit (I have to credit my friend Louise Androlia with this brilliantly simple observation). And, as I explained above, seeing as we're all unique beings, this will mean something different for every body. So the best advice? Experiment with whatever you feel the most drawn to, and feel free to move on if something just doesn't resonate.

How can modern cosmic thinking help us get over the comparison caused by social media and really tune into our off-line lives?

First a word on social media. For me, cultivating an awareness that it can foster comparison with others has been the first step to not getting sucked into that. I'm not anti social media at all, but I do think it's of paramount importance (!) to be 100% vigilant about curating an all-empowering feed. Really tune in to your reaction to what you follow - and get rid of anything that makes you feel less than full of love. As for our off-line experiences, we recently launched a section dedicated to listing the hundreds of brilliant Now Age events that seem to be springing up all around the world! So many Numinous things are better experienced first hand, and whether it's attending a seance that taps you into your own psychic abilities, getting a does of pure feel good factor in a laughter yoga session or really connecting with your intentions for the coming month at a new moon circle, any and all of these experiences are going to be way more impactful on your life than another random night spent stalking your exes on Facebook.

What do you think will be the effects of the increasingly popular ‘Now Age’ thinking?

In my experience, once people start seeking out these experiences it fosters a feeling of connection with your fellow human beings that no amount of tequila slammers will ever be able to beat! Connecting with the Now Age also opens people up to new ideas about ways to live and interact with the wider cosmos. And if the answer to global issues concerning things like the environment and human rights is actually for each individual to take responsibility for doing the 'right thing' on a local level (i.e. the thing our soul understand is for the highest good of everybody you come into contact with), then the more of us who are in touch with what this is the better.

Finally, I know fashion has a super special place in your heart - what are the labels you’re LOVING right now and what are some of your recent fashion finds? :)

Since I spend a lot of time in my yoga clothes, I'm all about the emerging crossover fitness-fashion market. Some of my favorite labels in this area are Teeki, Live The Process, Vimmia and Lucas Hugh. I also just got a great pair of white denim and leather shorts from Maje, picked up some AMAZING vintage Chanel boots at a consignment store in NYC called Ina and an pretty much obsessed with my new leopard Bobi bag from Jerome Dreyfuss. So put all that together and you've basically got my current 'look' down to a tee.

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