OK.  I'm gonna be straight up with you.  We all have busy lives and sometimes things just come all at once.  I have been experiencing the sharp end of that recently  at home and at work as I settle into our new home, plan our wedding (only 5 weeks to go!) and I also put my heart and soul into growing the Proof business and sharing the #comparisonfree message with people.

In all honesty I've been 'spinning out' and the first part of July saw we look breaking point right in the eyes -  and it was an ugly mutha!

I was spending waaaaaaayy too much time on Instagram and pre-occupied with peeping into other people's fish bowls.  Talk about ironic, right?!

I started questioning when I'd see the results I wanted, when that producer would call me back, would I be invited to that event, how long do I have to wait, how many talks did that college want to confirm, c'mon people!!!  So many questions and no clear answers seemed to come.  I was so frustrated to fall off the positivity pony and replace good feelings and high self-belief with pity, frustration, jealousy and 'meh'.

So when I saw Louise Androlia's double workshop come up in my feed it was nothing less than divine intervention.  The energy workshop as well as the surrender session were a perfect cocktail of clarity and goodness and I left feeling firmly back on my own side.  (You can find out more about Louise here and her Facebook feed is also well worth a 'like'.)

One of my key take-outs from spending time with Louise and the group of amazing women, is that the pressure that we manufacture when trying to generate a result, or change a situation can lead to a damaging obsession where we obstruct the flow of what's coming and ultimately, collude with the blocks we perceive.

Ultimately, if people like you and me do the work and take the action, results will come and its best that they are built on a firm foundation rather than a paper thin one. After-all it's easy come, easy go, right? I don't want 'It' now if it's going to be gone just as quickly.

Here's to consciously being in 'pre' to allow our gifts to flow and our successes to meet us half way. 

Over to yooouuu! Let me hear your opinion in the comments...

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to 'be there?' What sort of things make you feel particularly impatient? Tell me about a time when the wait has totally been 'worth it'? What are you doing at the moment to keep your 'pre' stage moving?

Love Lucy xox