Welcome to "Generation Y Not?".  My exclusive interview series all about alternatives.  

In this brand new initiative I'm bringing you handpicked voices to show you how you CAN explore a different way of living your life whether that's at home or at work.

No doctrine.  No false promises of overnight successes.  No snake oil. No black or white and no grey. No telling you what you 'should' do.  

This is a place that you can listen, consider and decide what you want for yourself by going behind the scenes of the lives of some handpicked Gen Y-ers that are 'doing the do' and figuring things out as they go along with great results.

#ALTERNATIVES in our careers and professional lives have never been more accessible, and yet, we millennials or Gen Y-ers often get stuck in what feels like the fear and boredom department.

Before I set up my own business a year ago, the thoughts that used to tumble around my brain and stifle my ideas and focus included:

  • I'm not good enough
  • Other people are already doing it
  • Where do I start?
  • What will my parents say?
  • What will my bosses think?
  • What will happen if I fail?
  • Could I still afford to get my nails done every fortnight? (Yes really, face palm)
  • What if nobody wants to work with me?
  • I'm just not the entrepreneurial type - I mean have you SEEN Branson?

I dare say that if you're reading this then you might have nodded along there and you'll likely have your own fears and resistance feelings that are stopping you from even trying.  This is totally normal.

Madonna was totally pumped to hear that Lucy and Lucy were spreading the word that a bit of passion goes a long way!

Madonna was totally pumped to hear that Lucy and Lucy were spreading the word that a bit of passion goes a long way!

Creating the career or work life you want is not like going to the M&S food hall and picking something ready made, fresh and nicely packaged from the shelf. Nobody gets to skip the work BUT you can get the result you want with a bit of passion and planning and, *spoiler*, you don't have to sell everything you own!  In fact there's a lot LESS drama involved than you'd think.

I know because I'm one year in and my friend and fellow Spirit Junkie, Lucy Sherwood is transitioning right now from a full time legal career to life as her own jewellery brand owner (Rock n Raw.)  

In the first of two instalments of our interview we explain and explore:

  • Why, if you’ve tried to break out of your current career before, it may not have worked
  • How to discover what lights you up and how to go full time on your own time, like we are
  • How to turn down the noise of 'should' and let your ideas flow (*clue* you don’t have to invent a new Google!)
  • How to handle your parents and 'WTF?' vibes of your friends as they see you change
  • How to look outside your current circle to find support and people to back you up and how fiercely loyal friendships are waiting for you online

Let's go!:

And now what about your two cents, love.  Follow to the comments below and let me know:

  • What are your fears you'd like a bit of guidance on?  
  • What AMAZING nugget of wisdom helped you follow your own path?
  • What's the biggest thing you've learned so far from your current experience?

You can find out more about Rock n Raw here and get social with Lucy via her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Stay tuned for part two :)  Including a load more killer insights from us and a peak at Lucy's jewellery range and photos of the BEAUTIFUL gold lotus pendant she made for me for my wedding day!

Lots of love,

Lucy xo