Welcome to part 2 of "Generation Y Not?" and the concluding part of my interview with Lucy Sherwood from Rock and Raw before I introduce Part Twoooooo of the series:

Just as a refresher - because I know you want to get to the good stuff - in these first instalments we've put focus on how to step into an alternative career and bridge out of the corporate world.  Lucy and I (yes, it's a double Lucy cocktail here) are both in the early stages of our own journeys.

Image from: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG9429100/Eco-Unfriendly-Richard-Branson-set-for-legal-battle-with-fashion-line-I-Am-Not-A-Virgin.html

Image from: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG9429100/Eco-Unfriendly-Richard-Branson-set-for-legal-battle-with-fashion-line-I-Am-Not-A-Virgin.html

What's different about this conversation is that we're not multi-millionaires (yet) with one thousand years experience that can look back with 20:20 vision and give you insider tips on how to skip all of the work and ugly cries. (Hi Sir Richard Branson if you're reading this - love you!)

We're in the middle of the work, on the front line, right now, and planting the seeds of success in the early stages.  Before I started out I struggled to find anyone talking about the first couple of years in business without a sharp intake of breath and a lot of X-Factor-style emosh stories.

So, to remedy that we're here to share this real time experience and, in this episode, the secret to what keeps us going (apart from sauvignon blanc) to encourage those of you that, like us, know that to be successful and rich - in time and money - you don't need to invent a new Google!

I'm one year into Proof and Lucy is currently transitioning from a legal career to her ultimate role as CEO of her own jewellery business.  (If you missed part 1 of our conversation you can go here.)

#ALTERNATIVES in our careers and professional lives have never been more accessible, and yet, we Gen Y-ers often get stuck in what feels like the fear and boredom department.  Not cool.

In this second and final instalment of this interview Lucy and I highlight the keys to the right mindset and how to keep your eyes on your own game and not get distracted by what others are doing?  So here we go:

What's your view on a killer mindset? C'mon spill it ;-)

See y'all in the comments! Love Lucy xoxo


+ + + NEXT UP I’ll be going live THIS THURSDAY 2ND OCTOBER at 7.00pm GMT

with Sam Thomas Davies + + +

Say 'HI!' to Sam xo

Say 'HI!' to Sam xo

I met Sam at a coaching event in 2011 and have avidly followed him ever since.  Not only is he charming and a great laugh but he’s also one of the sharpest thinkers I know. 

Sam’s a personal coach, public speaker, and writer specialising in changing unwanted behaviours, overcoming obstacles and maximising willpower.  He’s really passionate about how mastering your habits, can help us do that. 

You're gonna really like Sam - he’s a really cool, down to earth guy that has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I’ll be chatting to him LIVE to discover how what we should ‘turn on’ first when it comes to habits, to understand and take advantage of the alternatives we have available to us.  Pop it in yer diary :)


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